Create the Perfect Real Estate Video with Your iPad
Michael Krisa, licensed real estate broker and freelance Internet marketing consultant, believes that real estate professionals are missing out on a great opportunity by not taking advantage of their iPad and its video possibilities. During’s Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, “iPad Video Made Simple: Pinch, Zoom and Swipe Your Way to Profit!” Krisa […]
Lose the Paperwork, Build Your Business With the iPad
Have you started using the iPad to manage your business? If not, then you are already a couple steps behind the competition. From bank statements to concert tickets, everything is becoming paperless and the iPad is helping make that happen.  In fact, it’s streamlining the way people do business by eliminating the time and costs […]
“iPad For Real Estate: Your Office, Anywhere” with Garry Wise
Join us for our FREE webinar from Secrets of Top Selling Agents with Garry Wise, “iPad for Real Estate: Your Office, Anywhere,” on Wednesday September 18th at 1pm Eastern. Garry Wise has been an expert in real estate since 1997 and for the past 2 1/2 years, has been perfecting a paperless work environment at […]