Need help upgrading? Call us at 888-510-8795 to talk to an expert today, or fill out the form on this page. Customer Success StoryI love how vibrant and fresh looking our new website looks.I feel it catches the eye of the public more than our old site and we now have the features and tools […]
3 DIY Projects to Give Your Mobile-Friendly Website a Personal Touch
As the recent Google Mobilegeddon proved, your Homes Connect Fusion™  website templates were built from the ground up to keep your website looking great in today’s mobile environment. But just because your Fusion website comes mobile ready right out the box does not mean that it is personalized to your business. The good news is […]
Google Mobile Website
On April 21st, Google will make significant changes to their search engine algorithm and begin penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly. Don’t lose web traffic to your competitors! If you aren’t sure that your website will make the cut, please call us at 888-510-8795 or fill out the form to find out NOW! I […]
Google’s Mobile Algorithm Set to Change April 21st- Is Your Website Ready?
There are some big changes, quite possibly the biggest of all time, coming to Google’s mobile search algorithm. It’s being called “Mobilegeddon” and is expected to be the dawn of a new era of internet that has never been seen before. If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile by the cutoff date of April […]