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NEW! Buyer Connect from

Local Buyers You Want. Powerful Tools You Need.

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Connect with Active, Local Homebuyers, and Convert More of Them Using Powerful Tools with the NEW Buyer Connect from!

Consumers plus Buyer Connect Tools equals RESULTS!As part of the Homes Connect platform, Buyer Connect is our
end-to-end solution
that connects you with inquiring local buyers, gives you Homes Connect’s best and most powerful tools to work with them, and helps you convert more of them into leads!

How does Buyer Connect work?

  • Select the local zip code(s)
  • Decide on the number of share(s) to purchase in zip codes. More shares will connect you with more buyers.
  • Receive Buyer Connections from your zip code directly in your inbox and your Homes Connect dashboard.
  • Use Homes Connect’s Lead Manager, Drip Campaigns and other great tools to work with your new inquiries!
  • Lock out your competition by buying all the shares in your zip code!
  • Additional premium exposure and branding on search results pages in your purchased zip codes.

Don’t miss out on connecting with active homebuyers in your local area! Get Buyer Connect, available exclusively with Homes Connect, today. Reserve your zip codes NOW!
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