Agents Are Business Owners, Not Just Employees.

Inman News recently published an article highlighting many factors that could determine whether you will be just an average, run-of-the-mill agent, or one who succeeds. The big thing to consider is whether you act as a “business owner” or “someone who just does a job”. What does it take to remove the “it’s just a job” mentality and put in the work it takes to run a successful business?

1. The major difference between a successful agent and one that remains in rookie status, is the one that thinks they are getting into a job with flexible hours and great pay. A successful agent knows it takes many hours with little pay.  Sometimes agents make nothing at first since many transactions take quite a bit of time to close.

2. A successful agent has written goals and a business plan – you know, how a business owner would.  Inman news tells us that research consistently shows that agents with a written plan are much more successfully than those who do not.

3. Communication skills and face to face confidence are also crucial to stand out as an agent and not just “average”. Many agents do not know how to communicate , or for lack of a better word, aren’t good at it. With the amount of communication needed during this process, this is another very important part of being an agent, but a successful one at that.

4. Another point that distinguishes business owners from workers that are just doing a “job” is the mind set of commission vs. customer service. Customer service is by far the more important standard and by holding commission higher, you will lose referrals and stay at the rookie level as an agent, because clients can perceive that.

There are a variety of techniques and objectives that are different between agents that treat their business like they own it and are taking risks versus the ones that are just there to have a flexible schedule and make money. See what else Inman had to say here.

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