Curate Content That Counts! Curate Quality ContentIn an age where mirco-stories are being told via social media, you may find it difficult to inject your brand’s story into the ongoing dialogue. You may ask yourself: What type of quality content appeals to my audience? What’s the most ideal day and time to post? How can I measure the response to the content I post? You’re not alone! Manning the social helm for your brand is extremely rewarding. However, you may find your posting strategy in a bit of a rut from time to time. These days, writer’s block comes in the form of a quiet, unengaging Facebook or Twitter timeline. It’s like a tumbleweed rolling across a blank content calendar.

As a real estate rockstar, you have the opportunity to convert this challenge into an opportunity to turn up the volume with content that counts! Continue reading

Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Marketing Shine Sept 2014 Social Fuel Image


For consumers, October marks the beginning of the holiday season. For marketers, October is the starting line to the great race that is Marketing Season. Most brands aim to finish this race with heightened consumer awareness, more engagement and increased revenue which will allow them to start the new year with great ideas and the budget to execute them.

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Three Reasons Why Local Content Just Works Social Fuel Aug 2014

“Home is where the heart is” has been a saying for quite some time. Online users share that sentiment, with studies showing 4 out of 5 consumers want content customized to their geographic area.* It shows that people are willing to conduct extensive research online in order to enjoy retail and events closer to home. With local love being a popular trend, you can leverage local content to drive more engagement online and win business.

Going local sets you up as the expert in your area. Your Facebook business page is the prime place to post weekly updates of local events happening nearby. Establish your brand as the local expert so that your Facebook page becomes a hub of evergreen information. Be the first to know and pass that information on to your residents as a value add. Introduce your home buyers and renters to their new neck of the woods with a short list of local happenings. Continue reading

Get to Know Buyers, Sellers and Renters Better with Predictive Targeting


Have you noticed that Facebook is right on (or close to) the mark when it comes to products and services that appeal to your tastes? You begin to see ads based off of recent online searches and brand page suggestions that are similar to other brands you ‘Like’ and follow. You follow a person or brand on Twitter and receive a prompt to follow similar Twitter handles shortly thereafter. You’re leisurely perusing Pinterest and stumble upon a ‘Related Pin‘ amongst the content pinned by people and brands you’re following. This is Predictive Targeting at work! These prompts and suggestions aren’t based off of a simple hunch. Continue reading

4 Ways to Offer a Helping Hand Online Offer a Helping Hand OnlineAs social media continues to evolve and grow, so does the variety of ways the medium is used. Brands and consumers use social media as a means to connect, promote, and convince. Why don’t more brands offer online help via their social channels? According to a study by Cohn and Wolfe in October 2013, only 5% of consumers in the UK and US believe big businesses are very transparent and honest. Continue reading