Millennials Are on the Rise; Are You Keeping Pace?

It took a while, but millennials are all grown up and making their presence known in the housing market. Currently the largest group of home buyers, millennials account for almost 36% of market share—a percentage that’s expected to keep growing. The market share of baby boomers and the silent generation, meanwhile, is expected to continue its pattern of decline in coming years. And if that isn’t enough reason to make millennial business a priority, according to NAR Generational Trends, the overall median tenure of sellers in their previous home was 10 years in 2017, while the median millennial tenure was just 6. This makes them a great source of repeat business. Continue reading

June Content Ideas for Your Blog and Social Channels

If you want to make an impact and grow your presence online, creating fresh content for your blog and social media channels is a great place to start. Unfortunately, coming up with content topics can be hard! Instead of racking your brain trying to come up with content ideas, check back each month for a list of ideas you can expand upon. Find June’s topics below to get started!

*Tip: Repurposing your old content in new ways can result in great resources for your clients and save you time since you aren’t starting from scratch. Continue reading

Discover the Next Big Thing in Real Estate Advertising!

Banner ads and the internet have a long history together, but with banner ad blindness becoming an increasingly common problem, it’s time for real estate professionals to find a better way to reach buyers and sellers. Luckily, there are other advertising options—more effective advertising options. Chief among these are native ads—advertising so helpful some buyers may not realize they are ads at all. Continue reading