How to Consistently Generate 2-5 Leads per Day

It all comes back to leads. How successful you are in real estate is determined by how many you can generate, contact, and convert, so if you want to be a six-figure agent you need a consistent influx of leads and a dependable conversion strategy. In a recent webinar, Jason Wardrop, founder of Arsenal MKG, shared his secret to generating two to five leads per day even if you’re new to real estate. Watch the recorded session here or find the essentials below! Continue reading

3 People Who Should Absolutely Consider a Career in Real Estate

Do you know someone who wants to break free of the nine-to-five, set their own hours, and be their own boss? A career in real estate may be just what they’re looking for! To become a real estate agent, you just have to be eighteen years old (nineteen in some states), be a legal US resident, complete prelicensing education, and pass a licensing test. Some people who may excel in real estate include recent grads, parents, and people coming from a second career. Continue reading

Simply Smarter Home Search with the New

Technology has dramatically changed the way real estate professionals do business and find leads. Through all those advancements,’s mission has always remained the same: help buyers and sellers connect with local agents. Now, we are pleased to introduce a new era of home search with the reimagined With fun collaboration tools, a new industry-first photo search, and artificial intelligence, buyers and sellers can finally search how they think. Here are a few of the top changes visitors to will find! Continue reading

Come Here Often? Terrible Opening Lines to Avoid When Picking up Leads

How’s your conversion rate for new leads? Are they answering your emails? If not, you may be going about things the wrong way. There’s a right way and a wrong way (actually, a lot of wrong ways) to start an email to a new lead if you want them to get back in touch with you. Find examples and tips below! Continue reading