Set Your Resolutions to Dominate Social Media in 2018!

HDC-Social-Fuel-Hero-Image_3767The key to setting any resolution isn’t to just make a wish with something vague and hope it comes true that year. It takes a bit of planning, honesty, and small, realistic goals. Getting yourself more involved in social media is the same way. You can’t just say “I want to do more on social media in 2018.” What does that even mean? Do you want to post more pictures of your family? Share more witty memes? Or are you talking about your business and how you can harness social media to gain at least 1 lead a month? Now you’re talking about something realistic with an endgame in mind. So how do you go about harnessing your social media to get 1 lead per month? Read more for 3 easy steps that can help you reach your social media goals!

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Instagram Updates that Help You Generate More Business

HDC-Social-Fuel-Email-Hero-Image_3699 (1)Agents and brokers beware; you’re in for a social media scare! Social sites like Instagram have launched a spook-tacular update that is frighteningly good for your social strategy and business! Read up to see how you can use them for your own trick or treat goodness this month! Continue reading

Your (rest of) 2017 Content Road Map

Social-Fuel-Article-Images_Email_3681August kicks off one of the best times of the year with so many different things to celebrate! If you think about it, it’s really an advertiser’s dream. Back to school is in full swing, then we start the transition to all things fall and pumpkin spice related, and before you know it it’s 1-2-3 Halloween, Thanksgiving, and winter holidays. It’s not only a ton of fun, it can also help you win business and continue to assert yourself as the local expert. By taking advantage of the splendors of the season, you have a built-in content strategy ready to make your business social sites a thriving (and fun) place to be. Think of this as a play-by-play or tutorial for what and how to post for the rest of the year, as well as what to look forward to each month! And of course, I won’t leave ya hanging, there are going to be examples to help you close out 2017 as strong as ever.

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5 Ways to Create a Cool Summer Strategy

Social-Fuel-Email-Send-Image_3679Does your social media strategy consist of posting mostly listings and open houses? Are you ready to spice it up and offer your online community value and exciting content? Well, I have 5 ways you can spruce up your social media strategy this summer to take you from fizzle to sizzle! Let’s get cooking!! Continue reading

FREE Facebook Features You’re Not Utilizing!

HDC-Social-Fuel-Email-Send_3677For the past few months, we’ve talked about cutting edge technologies and how to utilize them for your real estate business before your competition does. I like the all the new stuff, don’t get me wrong, but it also made me realize that there are some older features out there on sites like Facebook that folks like you may or may not be utilizing! In today’s issue, I’ll show you why the desktop version of Facebook is still one of your best friends. Yes, yes, I know, mobile is king (I’m only on my phone every 30 seconds or so). Nevertheless, the desktop version of Facebook is incredibly powerful for you and your business, and has unique features you can’t find anywhere else! So, let’s go ahead and dive in, I can’t wait to show you my findings!

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