Move Your Listings Faster with Smart Tech Home Upgrades

Smart-Homes-Blog-2288Real estate is founded on an age-old principle—buy low, sell high. Home sellers want to sell their home at its highest value, and buyers want to find a dream home that will increase in value the longer they stay.

There are a number of ways that your clients can add value to their home to drive up the selling price. It can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or something more complicated like building a backyard patio. However, as new technology trends and environmental issues emerge, homeowners should look into installing smart, efficient home technology that can help add more value to their bottom line and get your listings off the market more quickly. Continue reading

Best Apps for the Apple Watch and How it Can Help Real Estate Pros Today

Best Real Estate Uses for the Apple WatchI am a proud owner of an Apple Watch and I must admit, I love it. In addition to the beautiful design of the watch, there are some really cool features to it. Although many have been touting the health and fitness functions of the watch, there are other features that can definitely assist agents in streamlining their schedules and maximizing their time. Continue reading

Create Successful Facebook Advertisements by Answering These 4 Questions

There are more than 30 billion pieces of content being shared on Facebook each month, so even the greatest of content strategies will occasionally fall victim to the “noise” that haunts anyone trying to market their business on social media. The good news is that if you’re willing to dedicate the time and a little extra cash, Facebook advertising offers the ideal way to avoid this common problem.HDC-Facebook-Ad-Tips-2215

Facebook advertising, when managed correctly, offers a low risk but highly rewarding way to get more out of the time you spend on social media. There’s a lot that goes into setting up a successful advertising campaign, so understanding the “ins and outs” of this process is the key to making it work. Here are the most important considerations that need to be made before you begin your next (or first) Facebook advertising campaign! Continue reading

Will You Be in Line for the iPhone 5? Check Out These Statistics

Will you be purchasing or upgrading to an iPhone 5?

Many people have said YES!  How many are actually expected to buy? The folks at Baird Research put together a comprehensive study and they came up with some interesting numbers as to who will be buying one. Here’s what they found:

* Apple estimates that it will sell at least 50 million iPhones in the next year, which is extremely conservative. Analysts predict that Apple could sell that many by Christmas of this year.

* With regards to poaching (taking users away from another brand)

  • 77% of iPhone users expected to remain loyal users
  • 48% of Android users will stay with Android
  • 17% of Android users will switch to iPhone
  • 5% of iPhone users have said they will switch to Android
  • 2% of Blackberry users say they will stay with Blackberry

What category do you fit into? wants to know, tell us below.


5 Simple Steps to Making the Best Real Estate Videos

Real estate professionals know how important video has become to the industry.There are millions of video tours on Youtube today and video blogs have become all the rage for top real estate pros. The problem with many real estate videos is that the quality can be poor. Just because you are taking an amateur video doesn’t mean it has to look like an amateur video.


Here are five simple steps to making great real estate videos with your smartphone: 


  1. Step 1: Record Horizontally – Recording horizontally gives you a wider view.  Conversely, when recording in a vertical position, you’re only recording part of the image.  This looks okay if the video is viewed from a smartphone, but since most real estate videos also make it to YouTube and other websites, vertically recorded videos do not present as well as horizontal views.
  2. Step 2: Tripod and Tripod Attachments – There’s nothing worse than seeing a real estate video that is shaky or that moves around a lot. This can make people dizzy and it’s a huge turn-off for viewers. There’s a simple fix for this: use a tripod. Tripods are built for regular cameras, but there are low-cost adaptors available. Joby sells a great all-in-one tripod for smartphones called Gorillamobile for $40. There are other options for tripods as well. For adaptor and brackets, photo retailer Adorama has a $10 product called the Heavy Duty L-Bracket, that attaches to your tripod and holds your phone in place. Studio Neat Glif is available for $20, and does the same thing as Adorama’s product. These sites also have iPad options. Other websites to check out are and
  3. Step 3: Sound – The microphones that are built into smartphones aren’t usually studio quality. The easiest way to fix this is to get a microphone that plugs directly into your smartphone. There are many options, ranging from very reasonable to quite expensive. One of best entry-level options is a lavalier mic from RadioShack that plugs directly into your phone. You simply clip the mic onto your shirt or lapel and you now have a much better sound to your program. Other options are audio recorders and mic cables. You can compare products and pricing at Whatever you decide on, a microphone is a must for good video quality.
  4. Step 4: Apps – Recording the video is one thing, but developing it into a nice production is another thing. There are many apps out there for Apple and Android devices, but here are my favorites: iMovie (iPhone) and Clesh Video (Android): These apps are great for piecing together movie clips, editing, and importing music from your library to create great video. You can also easily post your video to Facebook and YouTube from these apps. Both are $4.99.  Filmic pro: This app enables you to tweak exposure while shooting video. It’s $3.99 and available on both iPhones and Androids.
  5. Step 5: Accessories – You’ve bought the apps, the tripod, and the microphones, and now you’re ready to create great video. Is there anything else that you might need? Accessories can help a lot! This includes everything from specialty lenses to professional production equipment. Here are some of my favorites:
      • Lenses: The Olloclip lens add-on is the most popular. It slips right over your iPhone and gives you fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro views. It costs about $70 for all three. Check Amazon for pricing and other lens options. Another great site that specializes in real estate video equipment is
      • Hollywood zip lines: These devices are used by Hollywood studios, but now there’s one available for iPhone. This is a zip line that attaches to your phone and allows you to walk with your camera seamlessly without shaking extra movement. It stays in a straight line. Tiffen makes one for regular cameras for $700, but has also developed one for iPhone for $149. Great for video tours!

Creating great quality video tours and video blogs doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to hire a professional crew to do this work for you. All you need is the right equipment. These five simple steps should enable you to record high quality video for a very reasonable price.