How to Get Exclusive Leads on

HDC_PLA_Blog_2750_1200x600By upgrading to Preferred Listings on you gain exclusive leads and Preferred Agent branding. With Preferred Agent branding, all preferred listing lead inquiries are sent to the listing agent only. Additionally, no further advertisements (like Local Connect) will show on Preferred Listings. Continue reading

New Payment Center: Take Control of Your Billing!

HDC_Payment_Center_Blog_2730_1200x600You can already download and pay invoices for your mortgage, phone, internet, and car insurance online. Now you can manage your account online, too! All agents should have received a Payment Center activation email at the beginning of March. If you didn’t activate your payment center account then, give us a call at (866) 774-2947 and we’ll be glad to help activate your online payment center over the phone.

Your new payment center gives you the ability to review your payment history, add additional users, download and print invoices, update your billing profile, update payment information, view outstanding invoices, and more. Log in here to get started! Continue reading

3 Steps to Get Your Client List Ready for Spring

HDC_Spring_Cleaning_Blog_2689_1200x600.jpgSpring is coming and now is the perfect time to organize your leads and contacts for the fast-approaching busy season. With, sorting, storing, editing, and deleting contacts is easier than ever. Once you have them organized, sending emails and launching campaigns is as easy as clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of any contact, from any device. Don’t have a account yet? Don’t worry! The Connect Lead Management System is available to all agents free of charge, making it easy to keep track of all your contacts. Continue reading