Video Is Not an Option; It Is a Necessity

HDC_Your_Videos_Blog_2830_1200x600Social media has become a world of video. With social platforms realigning themselves to this medium, it is safe to say that creating video content is how fans want to engage with the businesses they follow.

However, creating video isn’t just hitting the record button on your camera. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have implemented algorithms to lower the organic reach for underperforming and unengaging content. The next time you are creating a video for your profile, refer back to the strategies listed below to create engaging and watch-worthy content. Continue reading

Create a Community of Businesses Where Everyone Can Thrive

HDC_Referrals_Blog_2807_1200x600With so many Realtors® saturating the market, clients have a lot of options when it comes to choosing an agent to help them buy or sell a home. Agents have reported that 75% of their business comes from referrals and word of mouth, making it one of the most effective ways to retain and grow your real estate business. With such great potential to grow your business, agents should be focusing on how they can increase and strengthen their referrals.  Continue reading

Heat Up Cold Leads This Summer

HDC_Old_Leads_Blog_2802_1200x600Do you have a list of hot leads that went cold over the winter? Now that summer is here and people are thinking about moving again, this is the perfect time to heat those old leads back up.

If you want to be a successful agent, you must be persistent about reaching out and connecting with your prospects regularly. Letting leads go “cold” costs your business time and money which shouldn’t be wasted, so now it is time to follow up! However, you can’t simply reach out to an old lead and ask them if they’re ready to buy. Your strategy needs to be a little more polished than that and with just a few tips, you will be ready to reconnect with old leads. Continue reading

Summer Sale: Close the Deal on Stagnant Listings

HDC_Stale_Listings_2795_1200x600The days are long as they are hot; the calendar shows that it is officially summer.r. However, some of your listings have been getting little to no attention since the beginning of spring. As a seasoned agent, you know that this is a frustrating experience for your clients, as well as yourself. To make matters worse, you know the longer the listing sits on the market, the lower the interest will be.

This is the perfect time to focus your attention on listings that have been languishing in the sun with no one around to notice. Whether you think your client’s pricing strategy is off, the house is in need of a makeover, or your marketing strategy needs to freshen up, grab a lemonade and use these four tips to help you get that listing off the market. Continue reading

The Best Kept Secret in Social Media Advertising

HDC_Pinterest_Blog_2787_1200x600In the current world of social media, Pinterest doesn’t seem to get the recognition it should. While it’s one of the most well-known social networks, Pinterest only has 150 million monthly active users compared to Facebook’s 1.96 billion and Instagram’s 600 million. So, how is it that Pinterest is so far behind on monthly active users, but is still leading other social networks in organic and inorganic reach, as well as cost-per-click (CPC)?

Even if you’re an active Pinterest user, you have probably never noticed the promoted pins before. This is because Pinterest has designed their Promoted Pins to look like regular, organic pins; however, promoted pins have more capabilities. By utilizing Pinterest’s Promoted Pins you can create huge opportunities to drive sales and leads to your real estate business. Continue reading