SEO Trends to Stay Ahead of the Real Estate Competition

HDC_SEO_Trends_2017_Blog_1200x600How do you win at a game where the rules are constantly changing? Simple, by staying ahead of your competition.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those games in which the rules change on a constant basis and when you think you see a finish line, it moves. Since businesses want to win, many have created keyword creator platforms and linking farms to help them beat the SEO game. But giants like Google are making sure that everyone gets a fair chance to lead the game by creating algorithms (like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird) to catch those who try to trick search engines. By paying attention to industry trends and applying them to your SEO strategy, your real estate business can rank above your competitors in Google searches. Continue reading

Professional Looking Photos Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune – Smartphone Photography

HDC_Photography_Blog_Image_8-1_2704_1200x600Not long ago, you either had to have a professional grade camera (along with the knowledge of how to use it) or hire a professional photographer to take your listing photos to compete with the images you see in magazines and on the web. Thanks to the advancement of today’s mobile technology, you can take and edit professional looking images on your phone.

Taking great photos on your mobile device isn’t just point and shoot; some skill is required. However, there’s no secret to amazing photos; with just a few tips and tricks you can capture the perfect image and add the finishing touches right from your phone. Continue reading

A Buyer’s Love & a Seller’s Quarrel – Two Places to Find Leads This Valentine’s Day

HDC_Valentines_Blog_2672_1200x600 (1)Valentine’s Day officially marks the end of engagement season and sees newly engaged couples begin planning their weddings and thinking about where they’re going to live. However, while new couples plan their futures together, those falling out of love are researching ways to get out of their marriages. Now is the time to start preparing your business for the seasonal pickup of spring by targeting newly engaged buyers and divorcing sellers.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, couples are waiting longer to get married, averaging in their late 20’s. With steadier careers and a focus on their future, many new couples are looking to buy their forever home before spending thousands of dollars on a lavish wedding. Many parents are even offering their kids the money they saved to pay for a wedding as a down payment on a home.

On the other hand, just as quickly as love flourishes, it can diminish. In the United States, between 40% and 50% of all couples get divorced. Divorces are exhausting, stressful, and can drag on for months or years. During the divorce process judges require the divorcing homeowners to sell their home; this is where you step in as a real estate professional. As the expert in your field you can make the divorce process easier, and as an added benefit for you, divorcing clients are motivated to sell and they want it done as quickly as possible. Continue reading

Facebook Ads for Real Estate: Part 4, Creative Ads & Reviewing Your Insights

HDC Social Profile Blog 5 2638 1200x600When telling a story you want to create a message that resonates with audiences. You want their imaginations to wander and make them feel as if they’re part of the story. Consider this an integral part of creating ads within your Facebook campaign as well, but instead of telling a story with words, tell it with images. As a real estate pro, understanding the power of online marketing is crucial for continuous growth; according to NAR 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers 89% of buyers who used the internet found photos to be very useful.

In Part 1 of the Facebook Ads for Real Estate series, ‘Creating a Business Page,’ we walked you through the process of creating a Business Page. In Part 2, “Campaign Objectives,” we gave you a step-by-step guide of accessing your Ads Manager and selecting your campaign objective (“traffic”). In Part 3, “Audience Targeting,” you learned how to set up your audience, select your ad placements, and create a set budget for your ad. Now, in the 4th and final part of our series, we will explain how to choose the best format options to engage with your audience and how to read your ad results. Continue reading

Facebook Ads for Real Estate: Part 3, Audience Targeting

HDC Social Profile Blog 4 2638 1200x600In Part 2 of the Facebook Ads for Real Estate series, ‘Campaign Objectives,’ we walked you through the process of accessing your Ads Manager and selecting your campaign objective (‘traffic’). Now you are going to learn how to set up your audience, select your ad placements, and create a set budget for your ad in the ‘ad set’ section. Continue reading