“Fake News” Now Affects How You Post on Facebook

HDC-Facebook-Image-Policy-2857There’s been one term that we haven’t stopped hearing since the 2016 presidential election: fake news. Due to the increase in “fake news” stories circulating in the media, news outlets and social sites, especially Facebook, are doing everything they can to fight against these stories. Facebook has even implemented new policies regarding posting URL links and images on their news feed. Continue reading

2017 Contenders: Instagram’s Stories vs. Snapchat’s My Story

HDC_Snapchat_Instagram_Blog_2842_1200x600Right now social platforms are battling it out for who will be today’s heavyweight champion by adding the newest features and trying to drive traffic to their networks. This seems to be the “story” between two social platforms that share similar features: Snapchat and Instagram.

When utilizing social media to drive leads to your real estate business, you can’t help but wonder which of these two contenders – Snapchat or Instagram – is better to have in your corner. Once you fully understand the features and compare them, you can make an informed decision on which social platform you should spend advertising dollars on to build your presence. Continue reading

Should You Post Your Client’s Photo on Social Media?

HDC_Protect_Your_Clients_2838_1200x600You just listed a home, sold a property, or started working with a new client and the first thing you want to do is brag on social media. It’s ok, we all do it and working in the real estate industry, a client-centered marketing focus is necessary to show leads and clients why you are the perfect real estate professional for them. However, before posting your client’s photo on social media, take your client’s opinions into consideration.

Many people nowadays are ok with the idea of having their photo posted online. However, that does not apply to everyone and there are legal, safety, and ethical issues that need to be examined before posting a photo to your social profiles. Continue reading

Video Is Not an Option; It Is a Necessity

HDC_Your_Videos_Blog_2830_1200x600Social media has become a world of video. With social platforms realigning themselves to this medium, it is safe to say that creating video content is how fans want to engage with the businesses they follow.

However, creating video isn’t just hitting the record button on your camera. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have implemented algorithms to lower the organic reach for underperforming and unengaging content. The next time you are creating a video for your profile, refer back to the strategies listed below to create engaging and watch-worthy content. Continue reading

Create a Community of Businesses Where Everyone Can Thrive

HDC_Referrals_Blog_2807_1200x600With so many Realtors® saturating the market, clients have a lot of options when it comes to choosing an agent to help them buy or sell a home. Agents have reported that 75% of their business comes from referrals and word of mouth, making it one of the most effective ways to retain and grow your real estate business. With such great potential to grow your business, agents should be focusing on how they can increase and strengthen their referrals.  Continue reading