4 Reasons Why Millennials Can Get Your Video Marketing Into Shape

Homes.com Using Millennials for VideoUsing videos to market a property listing is similar to exercising, in the sense that everyone’s aware of how important it is, but for some reason only two in ten Americans that get the recommended levels of exercise (CDC). This is the same in the world of real estate video marketing, as 70% of homeowners would rather list their home with an agent using video, but less than one percent of agents offer it (NAR).

Just as it is helpful to hire a personal trainer to show you how to exercisize, today’s tech savvy-millennials will be your “trainer” for finally getting your video marketing off the ground. Continue reading

How to Cultivate Connection Through Social Media

Homes Cultivate Connection

Have you ever noticed that the brand-to-consumer relationship is a lot like maintaining a garden? With too much water, your blooms could die and with too little, your blooms are starving for more. The same goes with the way we approach the connection with our consumers. An overkill of promotional messaging can be too saturating, and underexposure won’t help your home buyer or seller realize the potential your services have to offer. Continue reading

Help First-Time Buyers Understand the Mortgage Language

handling mortgage related lingoObtaining a mortgage can be long and somewhat confusing, especially for first-time homebuyers. As a real estate professional, you’re well aware of the industry jargon that comes along with the process and it’s your job to clarify any questions these ‘first timers’ may have about it along the way. Review this list of handy key terms and share them with your clients to keep them up-to-date on everything going on during the financing process. Continue reading