Best Apps for the Apple Watch and How it Can Help Real Estate Pros Today

Best Real Estate Uses for the Apple WatchI am a proud owner of an Apple Watch and I must admit, I love it. In addition to the beautiful design of the watch, there are some really cool features to it. Although many have been touting the health and fitness functions of the watch, there are other features that can definitely assist agents in streamlining their schedules and maximizing their time. Continue reading

The New Three “P”s for Marketing Your Listing

How do you promote your listings?In the most recent Secrets Webinar, Garry Wise, luxury sales specialist for The Goodlife, and Chris Scott, director of marketing for The Goodlife, shared some of their top tips for marketing a listing. According to Wise, “consumers want something different. Being a gatekeeper of information is no longer a viable offer because everything is out there on the Internet.” In order for agents to be successful, they need to show clients what makes them stand apart from the competition.

Scott explained that, through the old way of marketing, the three Ps were “put a sign in the yard, put the listing on MLS and pray that it sells.” The new three Ps are much more practical for capturing the attention of today’s modern buyers — preparation, promotion and price. Continue reading

3 Facebook Features to Turn Your Followers into Clients

Maintaining a Facebook marketing strategy that produces results requires you to stay up-to-date on the newest tools and trends. But does it always seem like once you’ve mastered the art of one thing, there’s a newer and more efficient way of doing it? wants to make sure that you are maximizing your use of the world’s most popular social network. Here are three Facebook features that can help you turn followers into clients.

FacebookTemplate Continue reading

What is Periscope and How Can it Grow Your Business?

How can you use Periscope to promote your business?The demand for video in real estate has never been higher. According to NAR, eighty-five percent of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video. While some agents have started using video to connect with their clients, a new technology is gaining popularity, changing the way real estate does video and social marketing. Continue reading