4 Tips for Marketing to Clients Using the BOLT System: Part 2- Owls

HDC_BOLT_System_Tips_Part_2_1936The BOLT System, created by Charles J. Clarke, provides guidance and tips on closing sales, generating leads, and negotiating terms based on an individual’s specific characteristics. BOLT stands for bulls, owls, lambs and tigers, each of which represents a particular type of personality that people have.

In case you missed the first edition of this four part series, Homes.com discussed the best ways to manage your relationship and tailor your marketing strategy for straightforward and control seeking “bull” clients. This time around, you’ll be gaining insight into the minds of clients with the “owl” personality. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Exciting Webinar Featuring Marketing Gurus Jay Baer and Erica Campbell Byrum!

The real estate industry is hyper competitive, so how do you keep your business in the spotlight and differentiate yourself among a sea of competitors? According to Jay Baer, New York Times Best Selling author, and Erica Campbell Byrum, Director of Social Media for Homes.com and For Rent Media Solutions, the trick is “being useful.”

During the upcoming Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar “Grow Your Real Estate Business with Help, Not Hype,” you’ll discover why providing “useful consumer information” can connect you with more clients and prospects than ever before. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn strategies shared by Baer and Byrum in their new book Youtility for Real Estate, which they feel will change the way you look at marketing. This exciting educational session will be on October 29, 2014 at 1:00 PM ET/10 AM PT, so be sure to register here and watch the video for even more information from Baer and Byrum! Continue reading

Rake in Success this Fall with Homes.com Facebook Like Sweepstakes

HomesPro_Facebook__Like__Contest_600x600_1888Calling all real estate professionals! HomesPro is excited to announce our newest sweepstakes! Rake in Success this Fall with Homes.com and bring in a little extra cash with a chance to win $500! You can enter the Rake in Success this Fall with Homes.com Facebook ‘Like’ Sweepstakes by ‘liking’ the HomesPro Facebook page and entering your information into the sweepstakes application and no participation is required! Doesn’t get much easier than that. Read the official rules to learn more.

The chance to win ends October 26, 2014 so be sure to enter while you can. Good luck and happy selling in Q4!

8 Tips for Building a Real Estate Dream Team Part 2: To Hire or Not to Hire?

Build a Real Estate Dream TeamIn the first edition of “8 Tips for Building a Real Estate Dream Team,” Homes.com highlighted 4 tips for recruiting top talent that Linda McKissack offered during her Secrets of Top Selling Agents Webinar, “Leverage Your Business Through Systems, Tools and People.”

Building a real estate dream team that allows you to achieve a healthy balance between work and your personal life is no easy task. While finding and connecting with these “cream of the crop” candidates who can handle a high level of teamwork is definitely a big step in the right direction, it’s only half the battle.

Now that you’ve piqued their interest about joining your team, it’s important that you get to know these potential team members in order to determine if they compliment the values and goals that you have set for your business. To do this, there are a few steps that McKissack stresses are of the utmost importance during the interview process. Here are the final 4 tips for building your very own real estate dream team! Continue reading