5 Outdoor Projects That Can Raise the Asking Price for Your Listings

HDC-Outdoor-Projects-2230Summer is officially here and after months of researching properties online, buyers are finally taking to the streets in search of their next home. Realtors will be plastering a sea of “Open House” and “For Sale” signs across every neighborhood they cover, all with hopes of driving attention back to their listings.

This is why curb appeal should be of the utmost importance, especially during the summertime when buyers want to take advantage of all the outdoor spaces a home has to offer.  Aesthetics is not the only benefit of having these functional outdoor areas since certain projects, when done correctly, can also raise the overall value of your seller’s home. Continue reading

Homes.com Local Market Expert Series Explores Virginia Beach, VA.

Homes.com’s Local Market Reports for April have arrived and all signs point to a strong continued recovery. Of the nation’s top 300 markets, 137 (46 percent) have officially reached a full pricing recovery. The Top 100 markets all saw annual increases, while the top midsize markets all reported increases on a 3-month average basis. In terms of regional recovery, the South continued to dominate with 23 markets having a complete rebound in home prices.

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[Podcast] The Secrets to Being A Super Dad and A Super Agent!

➲ Play Podcast: Fathers In Real Estate – Brian Copeland | Secrets Unplugged

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William Shakespeare once said, “It is a wise father that knows his own child.” But according to Brian Copeland, national real estate speaker and father of two, his children have made him much wiser in his approach to managing a real estate career.  Copeland is the proud owner of Nashville’s premier real estate firm, Nashville and Beyond. And in addition to being an awesome father, he has also been named one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in America.

Since Father’s Day is coming up, Homes.com couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate everyone’s favorite “man of the house” than by sitting down with Copeland for the newest addition to the Secrets Unplugged podcast series- Fathers in Real Estate.



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Every Real Estate Agent Needs These Two Things to Be Successful

In order to be successful, you need reliable sources of quality leads and a system for converting those leads into real business.  As Tom Ferry pointed out in his recent Secrets webinar, “the very best agents have 10+ sources of leads.” You need to be able to put as many hooks in the water as possible and the great thing about online lead generation is that it is always on and working for you. To help you maximize the potential of your Homes.com opportunities to generate and convert  leads, we have two brand new monthly webinars.


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Not a fan of cheese sandwiches? It’s okay. You have options!

B2B-Blog-Image-You-don_t-have-to-settle-for-cheese-sandwichesThe story goes like this: a man was in the office lunch room, opened his lunch bag and sighed, “No, not a cheese sandwich again!” Next day, same thing: “No, I can’t believe it, another cheese sandwich!” Then a coworker chimed in, “Why don’t you tell your wife to make you something different.” The man looks up from his sandwich and says, “I make my own lunch.”

Let me ask you a question: How do you like your own “lunch” these days – in other words, your life? Continue reading