4 Reasons Why Millennials Can Get Your Video Marketing Into Shape

Homes.com Using Millennials for VideoUsing videos to market a property listing is similar to exercising, in the sense that everyone’s aware of how important it is, but for some reason only two in ten Americans that get the recommended levels of exercise (CDC). This is the same in the world of real estate video marketing, as 70% of homeowners would rather list their home with an agent using video, but less than one percent of agents offer it (NAR).

Just as it is helpful to hire a personal trainer to show you how to exercisize, today’s tech savvy-millennials will be your “trainer” for finally getting your video marketing off the ground. Continue reading

4 Tips to Becoming A Top Notch Negotiator

Homes.com Tips for Better Negotiating Whether it’s a change in the listing price or a seller’s unwillingness to cover closing costs, everything in the real estate is negotiable. This is why real estate professionals must be on top of their game when it comes to negotiating for their clients. In fact, 87 percent of buyers identified negotiation skills as an important quality for their real estate agents to posses (NAR).

A recent study by the California Association of Realtors (CAR), found that the power of negotiation is something that clients and prospects are paying more attention too. One-third of sellers said they changed agents because of their lack of negotiation skills. The study also found that twenty-six percent of buyers and sellers wanted their agent to negotiate better and twenty-four percent wanted better agent communication. Continue reading

Visitor Traffic to Homes.com Increases by 22%: Sending More Quality Leads and Traffic to Your Business!

Homes.com Visitor Traffic with More Leads to You

According to the most recent Homes.com Local Market Index Reports, 95 out of the top 100 markets have posted monthly gains over a three month average. This, along with spikes in traffic and leads on Homes.com, serves as evidence that national housing market conditions are improving and more home buyers are feeling comfortable about coming to market.

With ninety percent of home buyers starting their search online (NAR), it’s critical to have a partner that will expose your business to these potential clients. According to Omniture SiteCatalyst, the number of monthly visits in July searching for properties on Homes.com rose from 14.5 million to just over 17.5 million over the same month last year, a 22% increase! What’s more is that Homes.com has sent real estate professionals over 318,000 leads during July 2014 (Homes.com Internal Tracking). Continue reading

Bring Your Properties to Life with Homes.com Listing Videos!

listing videos from homes.comAccording to Cisco, online video traffic is projected to comprise up to 79% of all Internet traffic in 2016. Yet, in 2013, only 14% of sellers report that their agent used real estate videos to market their home (NAR 2013 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends). As a long-time advertising partner with the real estate industry, Homes.com recognized this void, which led to a partnership with VScreen, a leading Internet video content provider. Together, both brands intend to bridge this gap and give you a way to save time and money while driving more traffic to your listings using the video content that consumers demand. Continue reading

5 Tips to Nail Your Next Real Estate Video!

Tips to Nail Your Next Real Estate Video with Homes.comSeventy-three percent of sellers want to list their house with an agent who uses video (NAR). Furthermore, websites with videos are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page of results (Forrester Research). This is the power of video marketing, and it presents real estate professionals with a unique way of connecting with more clients and prospects.

Photos and descriptions can highlight the features of a property, but video offers a way to take it a step further. With that being said, there’s a lot more to creating a real estate video than simply filming each room on your phone and uploading it to the web. Potential buyers want to picture living in their new home, but they also want to envision how well that community fits their lifestyle. Continue reading