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Landlord WEBCON Conference 2014 Are you looking to learn new and effective marketing, social strategies, and technology secrets that impact the multifamily industry? If you answered yes to this question, then you don’t want to miss Landlord WEBCON 2014 in Canada coming up on May 8th! Join For Rent Media Solutions and Rentals and see why everyone in the multifamily community is buzzing about this event.

This one-day event is your one stop shop to learn from industry innovators on the latest trends in social media and technologies that directly impact the industry. Landlord WEBCON is getting bigger and bigger each year, attracting property managers, landlords, CEOs and marketing personnel from all across Canada and the U.S. Additionally, this event is also bringing in innovative speakers, from a blend of industry marketing experts, landlords and various outside agencies who can provide value to the attendees.This year, our very own social media and marketing expert, Erica Campbell Byrum, will be on a panel with other multifamily social insiders, examining the potential power that social media can have on your overall marketing plan. As you can see, this event is one of the MUST ATTEND multifamily events of the year, and we think you should be there!

Here’s the best news: For Rent Media Solutions and Rentals know that you’ll gain so much invaluable knowledge at Landlord WEBCON this year, that we want to share a special promo code with you. Simply enter Promo code: ‘LWC-HOMES’ when you register for the event, and SAVE $75.00 off the registration price! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn and interact with the brightest minds in the multifamily industry – time is ticking away, get registered today and SAVE! & St. Louis Real Estate Agent Help Couple Find House on TLC’s “My First Home” on TLC

The real estate industry is a hot topic in the media these days, and, along with St. Louis-area agent Allen Brake, will be featured in an upcoming episode of TLC’s hit show, “My First Home.” scored an interview with Brake in which he discussed the do’s and don’ts for first-time buyers. Here are some of his tips:

  • Interview a Variety of Professionals. Brake suggested that every first-time homebuyer take the time and look for a good pro. & Real Estate Agent Allen Brake Help Couple Find a Place of Their Own on TLC’s “My First Home”. He mentioned that a seasoned agent with a great track record will have a better chance of helping the customer find what they are looking for. Continue reading

Turn Website Visitors into Return Clients with Helpful Widgets

Turn Website Visitors into Return Clients with Helpful WidgetsOnline real estate marketing is about setting yourself apart from the crowd and giving visitors something of value. One thing that consumers will value is a helpful widget. What is a widget? According to Wikipedia a widget “is an interactive virtual tool that provides single-purpose services such as showing the user the latest news, a map program, or a calculator”. Continue reading

The Move-Up Buyer: Educating Your Clients About Home Equity

The stars are aligned for a good year for move-up buyers. They are playing a major role in the cash sales that dominated real estate transactions in the second half of 2013 and now account for more than half of all sales. High demand for entry-level homes and relatively low prices for mid- to upper-level properties are creating a positive climate for this segment, which is so critical to the health of the real estate economy.

As a real estate professional, it is important that you know how to market to your clients who happen to be move-up buyers. Continue reading