New Facebook Advertising Features to Grow Your Business

Facebook-Advertising-2291With all the content being shared on Facebook, even the greatest content strategy can fall victim to the “noise” of social media. However, if you’re willing to dedicate some extra time and money, Facebook advertising can help you stand out from the crowd.

Facebook advertising, when properly managed, provides a low-risk, high-reward way to promote yourself and your posts on social media. Thanks to Facebook’s recent ad updates, you have more opportunities than ever to promote your business. Here are the four most recent Facebook ad changes and how they can promote your real estate business. Continue reading

Move Your Listings Faster with Smart Tech Home Upgrades

Smart-Homes-Blog-2288Real estate is founded on an age-old principle—buy low, sell high. Home sellers want to sell their home at its highest value, and buyers want to find a dream home that will increase in value the longer they stay.

There are a number of ways that your clients can add value to their home to drive up the selling price. It can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or something more complicated like building a backyard patio. However, as new technology trends and environmental issues emerge, homeowners should look into installing smart, efficient home technology that can help add more value to their bottom line and get your listings off the market more quickly. Continue reading

Significant FHA loan program changes took effect September 15th, 2015

HDC-FHA-Blog-2280Often, the FHA loans have been viewed as easier to obtain when compared to a “regular” conventional loan. There is some truth to this notion. Historically, borrowers who may not have been able to qualify for conventional financing have been able to qualify for the FHA program. This is often because government backing makes lenders a bit more forgiving when it comes to borrower qualifications and credentials. Continue reading