Curate Content That Counts! Curate Quality ContentIn an age where mirco-stories are being told via social media, you may find it difficult to inject your brand’s story into the ongoing dialogue. You may ask yourself: What type of quality content appeals to my audience? What’s the most ideal day and time to post? How can I measure the response to the content I post? You’re not alone! Manning the social helm for your brand is extremely rewarding. However, you may find your posting strategy in a bit of a rut from time to time. These days, writer’s block comes in the form of a quiet, unengaging Facebook or Twitter timeline. It’s like a tumbleweed rolling across a blank content calendar.

As a real estate rockstar, you have the opportunity to convert this challenge into an opportunity to turn up the volume with content that counts! Continue reading

3 Reasons It’s Harder Than Ever to be a Marketer

HDC-Marketer-Blog-Image_2014These days, being a great marketer is harder than ever. Rather than spending their days driving through neighborhoods looking for “for sale” or “open house” signs, most, if not all buyers have turned to the internet as their main source for information. In fact, according to NAR, 90% of home buyers search online during their home buying process. So, what do you do? Jay Baer, author of Youtility for Real Estate, suggests a new concept for online marketing – “Stop trying to be amazing. Start trying to be useful.” Baer calls this concept “Youtility.” By creating marketing content that is useful to consumers, agents are able to foster relationships with potential clients before they’ve even met. Continue reading

15 Apps that Will Make Your Job Easier in 2015

HDC_Top_15_Apps_2015_2016It seems that every time you turn around, there’s a slew of so called top apps that people claim to be “game changers.” Well, as you may know, this is not always the case. Apps are supposed to make your job easier, but it seems that most them are just another thing to keep up with.’s very own Joe Sesso knows a thing or two about the tools that can be truly valuable in the busy world of real estate. To help streamline your operations, better manage your business and help your clients enjoy their home, Sesso has created a list of the top apps that real estate professionals should be using and sharing in 2015. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Setting Up and Getting to Know Homes Connect Powered by

Are you taking full advantage of everything Homes Connect has to offer? If you’re new to or just want to make sure you’ve fully optimized your Homes Connect Profile, then you’ve come to the right place! In the Homes Connect training video below, you’ll find step by step directions to walk you through the initial setup of your profile, the basics behind its core applications and an overview of the Homes Connect Dashboard. Knowing all the tools that are at your disposal and understanding the best ways to use them will make your partnership with even more valuable. Whether you want to change your profile picture or create your own unique URL, this training video has you covered!

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