Uncovering the Secrets to Why Social Media is Free Marketing

HDC-Social-Media-Free-MarketingNow more than ever, consumers are relying on social media to find a real estate professional to work with and if you’re using these platforms correctly, you could be saving some valuable marketing dollars. Knowing which sites your audience uses and understanding how to leverage those sites are key factors for success when it comes to social media. These are also just a couple of the topics that were discussed during the most recent Homes.com Secrets of Top Selling Agents unplugged interview. Continue reading

Homes.com Sits Down with Raj Qsar to Discuss the Nitty-Gritty on Drones

Homes.com’s Secrets of Top Selling Agents is rolling out a new podcast series of “unplugged” interviews with some of the heaviest hitters in real estate who have not only found their niche, but are dominating in it. A few weeks back, we published an article regarding the FAA’s new regulations on using drones for real estate. The response was huge, making it quite clear that this is a hot topic among agents and brokers.

After this, we knew it was time to sit down with Raj Qsar, a seasoned pro at using video for real estate, to get more insight into this new technology. Head over to Raj’s website, theboutiquere.com, to see some of his amazing video content, like the 11 Ivanhoe video posted here. and to get a better idea of why there is no better person to fill in the information gaps about using drones to market your listings! Here’s just a little recap of our sit down with Raj: Continue reading

Download Your FREE Copy of the “Talkin’ About Lead Generation” eBook!

Lead generation is the building block for any real estate business, plain and simple.  Actively trying to improve the way you attract new customers and how you manage those relationships will not only help fill your pockets with more cash, but it will help ensure that your business will be thriving in the years to come.

The trick to becoming a lead generation rock star is to understand what works and what does not, but with so many things to do and so little time, it may be difficult to focus your time and resources on the areas that matter most. If you’re ready to take the stage and start rocking your lead generation game, Homes.com has some good news for you! Continue reading

7 Things you didn’t know you could do with Homes.com

HDC-7-Things-Blog-Image-2161Homes.com is more than just a listing syndication portal. We strive to provide agents and brokers with a wide range of products and services to help them run their business. Those tools are packaged and delivered in the Homes Connect marketing platform. Three of our most popular tools are the Agent IDX Website, the Leads and Contact Manager, and a built in Email application. Below are just seven of the often overlooked capabilities of those three tools that can make a powerful impact on your business. Continue reading

Finding Prosperity in FSBOs

More than 8 out of 10 FSBOs will end up listing their home with a REALTOR.In the most recent Secrets Webinar, Jim Remley, best selling author and founder of FSBOListingGuru.com, shared his expertise on converting FSBO properties into agent listings. However, many agents are hesitant about asking the owners of FSBO properties to list with them. Because of this, Remley offers a number of suggestions to boost an agent’s confidence and help them add more FSBOs to their list. Continue reading