The Smarter Your Home Gets the More Useful it Becomes

Understanding what a smart home is and what the technology can do for you and your leads is a great way to get a leg up on your competition. On the most basic level, a smart home saves you time and money by linking various systems around your home or office so you can control them via your phone or a voice command. But when you drill down into it, smart home technology can do so much more. Read on for a list of ways you can use smart home technology in your personal life and real estate. Continue reading

Warm Your Leads Up with Free Spring Cleaning Checklists

Free spring cleaning checklists

If you’re looking to stay top of mind or get back in touch with cold leads, then you’re in the right place. These free checklists are perfect to share with leads, clients, and prospects on Facebook, through email, or as a printout. They will show your clients how to freshen up their home in time for spring or, if they’re thinking about selling, how to get their effects in order so they can get a better price for their home. Continue reading

Instagram: Best Practice for Social Success

Since the beginning of the social media era, individuals and businesses alike have embraced their online presence and shared their journeys for the world to see. However, 2017 proved a challenging year for many networks when several saw a decline in social use, especially among major players like Facebook and Twitter. Despite this trend, one social network has continue the climb upward: Instagram. Continue reading

Time Management Strategies for Overwhelmed Agents

Done correctly, prioritizing tasks and creating time blocks can increase your income and allow you to work less. International speaker, author of Successful Time Management for Dummies, and CEO of Real Estate Champions Dirk Zeller recently shared his advice for “Taming the Time Management Monster” in a recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar.

According to Zeller, every interruption, even if the actual interruption is only thirty seconds, takes five minutes to recover from. That means that every twelve interruptions cost you an hour of productivity. “We get interrupted by all different mediums – personal face-to-face interruptions, social media interruptions, email, text; all types of interruptions,” Zeller explained. “Real estate agents are the most interrupted profession on the face of the planet.” Continue reading

5 Spring Cleaning Tasks to Improve Your Business

Spring is finally making itself felt across the country and, as you know, this is the time of year when your clients start clearing out their closets and pressure washing their decks. But spring cleaning isn’t just for clients. Spring is also the time to get your office in order. Ensure your business is ready to run strong another year with these five tasks. Continue reading