How to Update Your Photo without Losing Your Look

Time passes and you change: your clothing style evolves, you change your hair, and you grow older. Still, when someone bumps into you around town, they should recognize you from your photo. That means keeping your photo up to date. Your agent profile photo represents you online, in flyers, in ads, on business cards, and in many other places. It helps build and maintain your brand, creates a first impression, and is one of the first steps to building client relationships. However, changing your photo means running the risk of losing presence you’ve built on your current image if people don’t recognize you as the same agent. Continue reading

Your Profile Tool Gets a Serious Upgrade!

When was the last time you checked your profile to make sure all your information is still up to date? Have you changed your phone number or brokerage? Do you have an updated photo? If you haven’t checked these recently, we have good news. There’s never been a better time to make sure everything in your profile is just right! Why? We’ve just completely upgraded the agent and office profile tools. Both tools are now mobile friendly and easier to use. Find the details below! Continue reading

Millennials Are on the Rise; Are You Keeping Pace?

It took a while, but millennials are all grown up and making their presence known in the housing market. Currently the largest group of home buyers, millennials account for almost 36% of market share—a percentage that’s expected to keep growing. The market share of baby boomers and the silent generation, meanwhile, is expected to continue its pattern of decline in coming years. And if that isn’t enough reason to make millennial business a priority, according to NAR Generational Trends, the overall median tenure of sellers in their previous home was 10 years in 2017, while the median millennial tenure was just 6. This makes them a great source of repeat business. Continue reading

3 People Who Should Absolutely Consider a Career in Real Estate

Do you know someone who wants to break free of the nine-to-five, set their own hours, and be their own boss? A career in real estate may be just what they’re looking for! To become a real estate agent, you just have to be eighteen years old (nineteen in some states), be a legal US resident, complete prelicensing education, and pass a licensing test. Some people who may excel in real estate include recent grads, parents, and people coming from a second career. Continue reading