5 Reasons Why Clients Should Always Know the Value of Their Home

Do your clients know the value of their home? As a real estate professional, you’ve seen firsthand the impact an appraisal can have on the value of a property when it’s brought to market. Unfortunately, many homeowners, especially first-time buyers, do not understand how much an essentially “educated guess” can either increase or decrease the expected value of their home.

From unpredictable activity in the local housing market to an unforeseen foundation problem, the fluctuation of a property’s value can become quite confusing for the average homeowner. The good news is that they have you! You’re the local expert, so it’s your job to emphasize how important an appraisal is and to provide them with suggestions on how they can get the most “bang for their buck” when it comes to their home. Whether they’re buying or selling, here are 5 reasons your clients should always know the value of their home. Continue reading

[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Mobile Marketing Tactics to Target Buyers and Sellers

Looking for innovative ways to target on-the-go consumers in 2014? Mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop this year and nearly one half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. Find out how to market your brand and listings to buyers and sellers that are actively searching for homes via their smart phone and tablets with these mobile marketing tactics that are sure to drive more leads your way! Continue reading

Keeping It Real: Tips for Real Estate Agents to Keep Listings Safe

It’s stressful enough being in charge of your own home security, but real estate agents have it extra rough. Sure, you experience the satisfaction of helping houses become homes, but you’re also responsible for the security of multiple homes. It’s enough to keep you awake at night pondering the safety of your listings, and that’s not what you want. Rest easy and focus on your job by following these preparation tips and tricks to keep your listings safe, provided by SimpliSafe Home Security. Continue reading

Federal Reserve’s Bond Tapering Leads to Higher Mortgage Rates in 2014

There have been some recent changes in the mortgage industry that could impact your client and prospect’s ability to receive financing for their new home. During October, Freddie Mac reported that the Federal Reserve would not be tapering its bond purchases for the remainder of 2013. Since the start of the New Year is right around the corner, the Federal Reserve has wasted no time in making these changes and has reported that they will be tapering their aggressive bond buying program beginning in January. Continue reading