Starting Your Business as a New Agent

The requirements to become a real estate agent are pretty minimal. Just about anyone can become an agent. Succeeding in real estate is another matter. A large percentage of new agents never make it past their second year. Before you launch your career in real estate, try to have enough income set aside to support yourself for two years. This will give you time to get your business going. Continue reading

Discover the Next Big Thing in Real Estate Advertising!

Banner ads and the internet have a long history together, but with banner ad blindness becoming an increasingly common problem, it’s time for real estate professionals to find a better way to reach buyers and sellers. Luckily, there are other advertising options—more effective advertising options. Chief among these are native ads—advertising so helpful some buyers may not realize they are ads at all. Continue reading

How to Consistently Generate 2-5 Leads per Day

It all comes back to leads. How successful you are in real estate is determined by how many you can generate, contact, and convert, so if you want to be a six-figure agent you need a consistent influx of leads and a dependable conversion strategy. In a recent webinar, Jason Wardrop, founder of Arsenal MKG, shared his secret to generating two to five leads per day even if you’re new to real estate. Watch the recorded session here or find the essentials below! Continue reading