5 Reasons Not to Start a Newsletter in 2018

HDC_Why_Start_Newsletter_2951_1200x600_2Sometime in the last month or two, while you were thinking of ways to improve and increase your business in the new year, you probably gave some thought to finally starting a newsletter in 2018. You weighed the time and effort it would take to create a newsletter against the benefits you would receive, then made your decision accordingly.

The good news is, if you decided to start a newsletter, Homes.com can help! We are now offering a free monthly newsletter through the Homes.com lead management system, which you can send out to any and all of your contacts. However, if you decided the time and effort were not worth the benefits, we want to apologize for taking away your excuse. To make it up to you, we’ve come up with five new reasons not to start a newsletter in 2018. Continue reading

6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Working with Veterans

HDC_VA_Secrets_Blog_2915_1200x600Each month, the Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar brings you experts to help you learn and adopt new business strategies. This month, in honor of Veterans Day, we had Neil Brooks, Samantha Reeves, and Denise M. Jelinski-Hall share how you can help veterans access their VA loan entitlement and reach the goal of homeownership. Continue reading

5 Things You Should Know About VA Loans

HDC_VA_Loan_Blog_2906_1200x600Holidays like Veterans Day and Memorial Day bring the dedicated service men and women protecting our country front and center in our minds. Their bravery and sacrifice grant us the security and freedom we enjoy daily, and with November 11, Veterans day, fast approaching, now is a great time to refresh your knowledge of VA loans and possibly even expand into a new niche market. Here are 5 things you may not know about VA loans. Continue reading

Why Facebook Ads Work

HDC-Social-Fuel-Newsletter-Hero-Image_3640A long time ago, on a social media site far, far away, there were no ads and minimal business presences. Facebook was meant for college students to connect with one another, not for Amazon to place retargeting ads to get you to buy the extra-large box of paper towels in bulk (amiright?). Yes, I fondly remember the good-ole days. But we must change and evolve, right? Stay relevant, reach wider audiences, and of course, convert traffic! How can all this be done? The answer is simple: Facebook Advertising. I’m going to show you just how powerful Facebook ads can be for your business by showing you what a page without Facebook ads will look like and it’s inevitable future, as well as a page thriving with Facebook ads.

Continue reading