Home Price Gains Flattened in October- Was Your Market Affected?

HDC-Homes-Price-Gains-October-Blog-2115Despite the past few months of increasing home prices, the most recent edition of the Homes.com Local Market Index Reports indicates that market activity was relatively slow during October. There are now 110 (36%) of U.S. markets that have achieved a full recovery, slightly lower than last month’s total of 111 or 37% of all markets measured in these reports.

Although there were increases in inventory, a slowing demand caused many markets across the country to witness a flattening of home prices during the summer and fall months. Since winter is typically the slow season for real estate sales, don’t be surprised if we begin to see some markets starting to fall back under the full recovery line. Continue reading

4 Tips to Make Finding A Home Easier for First Time Buyers

Now that the U.S economy is on track for the strongest annual job growth since the late 1990’s and housing markets across the country are seeing significant recoveries in home prices, Millennials are finally making a big push towards homeownership. For most, this will be their first experience with buying a home and they will be relying on your for guidance through the entire process.

While discussing financing options and recommending home inspections will be valuable, there are a few small pieces of advice that tend to get overlooked when it comes to dealing with these “first timers.” Here are 4 simple tips that you can share with first time buyers to simplify the buying process and to ensure they find the right home! Continue reading

Three More Midsized Markets Make a Full Recovery

HDC_Local_Market_ReportAccording to the most recent batch of Homes.com Local Market Reports, September was a benchmark month for the recovering U.S. housing market, and price growth in both large and Midsized markets played a big part in it. For starters, a record number of markets have exceeded their previous peak pricing! Furthermore, the average rebound percentage for all 300 markets reached 93.1% this month -higher than any month since the recession came to an end. Looking at the total markets measured by the Local Market Index, there are now 111 (37%) that have reached a full price recovery. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Setting Up and Getting to Know Homes Connect Powered by Homes.com

Are you taking full advantage of everything Homes Connect has to offer? If you’re new to Homes.com or just want to make sure you’ve fully optimized your Homes Connect Profile, then you’ve come to the right place! In the Homes Connect training video below, you’ll find step by step directions to walk you through the initial setup of your profile, the basics behind its core applications and an overview of the Homes Connect Dashboard. Knowing all the tools that are at your disposal and understanding the best ways to use them will make your partnership with Homes.com even more valuable. Whether you want to change your profile picture or create your own unique URL, this training video has you covered!

Continue reading

Housing Market Continues to See Stabilizing Home Prices

HDC_Local_MKT_Report_Image3600-2400_1933The last round of Homes.com Local Market Index Reports found that the nation’s housing market was showing signs of slower growth than earlier in the year. While a similar trend was identified in the most recent batch of reports, the market continues to recover from its recent destabilization in home prices.

In terms of regional activity, five of the top markets with the highest 3-month average growth in home prices were located in the South, and the rest could be found in the Northeast and Midwest areas of the country. Looking at price growth on an annual basis, 6 of the top performing markets were from the west while 2 markets came from the Midwest and the South.

Here are more details on the top 100 and mid-sized markets for the reporting period ending August 2014: Continue reading