Use Your Real Estate Blog to Build Trust and Convert More Clients – 5 Simple Steps

HDC-Blog-Readers-Blog-2565Many people think of marketing as a linear event: someone sees your ad, then asks you to be their agent. However, it’s often not that straightforward. Instead, think of marketing and advertising as a valuable means to build consumer trust. Only after you have the trust of your consumers will you be able to guide them into the conversion process.

The question then is how to build trust with your online audience. One great way to connect with new clients is through a real estate blog. According to CoSchedule, there is a five-step process to convert blog readers into customers. Let’s break it down for real estate. Continue reading

How to Share New Resources with Your Contacts

HDC-Content-Distribution-Blog-2559Creating new resources and downloadables is an important part of any marketing plan; it gives you the perfect reason to reach out to your network of leads, prospects, clients, and referral sources. However, with so much content available, it is important to develop a game plan to effectively deliver your content. Make sure your content is reaching your audience with these four steps. Continue reading

7 Tricks to Keep Your Clients Engaged After the Sale

HDC-Closed-Clients-Blog-2527Have you ever spent months developing great rapport with a client during a transaction, then found out they used a different agent for their next deal when they didn’t know how to get in touch with you? Keeping in touch with clients between sales can be tough, unless you can make your website so useful that they keep coming back, even after the sale. Here are seven tricks to ensure clients come back to your site again and again. Continue reading

Unrealistic Seller Pricing: How to Handle it Like a Pro

Blog-Image-Seller-Pricing_v2_2488As a real estate agent, you do a lot of preparation before meeting with a homeowner to discuss their listing. Researching the area and past sales, running reports, and compiling an accurate comparative market analysis (CMA) all take time and effort, but you understand that it’s important to give your clients the most accurate listing price. After all this work on your part, there’s nothing more frustrating than having the seller insist on overpricing the home.

Before you can convince a seller to agree to a realistic selling price, it’s important to understand why they insist on overpricing their home in the first place. Remember, to your clients, the process of selling their home is a huge financial and emotional decision. Start your relationship with them by establishing trust, setting good boundaries, understanding their fears, and showing them the reality of the market. Here are four tips to help you work through tricky situations when sellers are convinced your price is too low.

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