Marketing So Useful, People Would Pay For It- Part One: Self-Serve Information

What’s one of the greatest misconceptions about marketing? It’s the idea that the louder you shout, the better. But in today’s world, effective marketing is about help, not hype. While spreading your message to customers is important, the real key to success is the type of content that you’re creating, sharing, etc.?

Jay Baer, one of the nation’s leading social media experts and author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype, visited Dominion’s parent company, to share his content marketing expertise and tips on how to build a stronger social media following.

Youtility is the concept of creating marketing that’s so useful, people would pay for it. While this concept can be applied to any industry, it can be especially useful to real estate professionals for creating and implementing a strong marketing strategy. Baer highlighted three aspects of  the Youtility concept during his exciting presentation: Self-Serve Information, Radical Transparency and Real-Time Relevancy.  We have broken topics into a three part blog series, in this edition we will be discussing how to incorporate Self-Serve Information into your marketing strategy. Continue reading

Keeping It Real: Tips for Real Estate Agents to Keep Listings Safe

It’s stressful enough being in charge of your own home security, but real estate agents have it extra rough. Sure, you experience the satisfaction of helping houses become homes, but you’re also responsible for the security of multiple homes. It’s enough to keep you awake at night pondering the safety of your listings, and that’s not what you want. Rest easy and focus on your job by following these preparation tips and tricks to keep your listings safe, provided by SimpliSafe Home Security. Continue reading

HGTV and Present $20,000 “Inspiring Moments” Sweepstakes!

Looking for a way to help one of your clients turn their house into the home they’ve always dreamed of? has partnered with HGTV to start the “Inspiring Moments” sweepstakes, which will give one lucky homeowner a whopping $20,000 to use towards a home improvement project of their choice.

The “Inspiring Moments” sweepstakes will be running from November 1st through December 2nd, each participant can enter once a day on and Share this with your clients and prospects to stay top of mind and to remind them why they should choose you for all their real estate needs.  Continue reading

Lose the Paperwork, Build Your Business With the iPad

Have you started using the iPad to manage your business? If not, then you are already a couple steps behind the competition. From bank statements to concert tickets, everything is becoming paperless and the iPad is helping make that happen.  In fact, it’s streamlining the way people do business by eliminating the time and costs required to conduct your day-to-day operations the “old school” way.

Strangely, many agents and brokers have yet to adopt the concept of going paperless. According to Garry Wise of the Goodlife Team, on average, paperless agents save five hours per transaction. It’s no secret that real estate professionals have hectic schedules, so why wouldn’t you want to save yourself a little time to get back to the things you enjoy? With the said, wants to shed some light on ways to use the iPad and highlight the applications that make it so essential to stay ahead in today’s competitive real estate industry. Continue reading