Even FSBO’s Want to Do Business with People They Know, Like and Trust.

HDC_FSBO_Blog_2709_1200x600.jpgReal estate agents either love or hate working with FSBO listings, and due to the internet, advice on selling homes is more accessible than ever before. Despite this, only 8% of home sales in 2016 were FSBO (2016 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers), the lowest percentage of FSBO transactions since before 1981.

One possible explanation for this decrease is how complicated and time-consuming real estate transactions can be. Despite an owner having all the necessary forms, documents, contracts, and disclosures, the nuanced nature of the forms can make correctly completing them a challenge. Finding a buyer can also be difficult if the seller isn’t readily available to conduct showings due to work, family-duties, or any of the other things that compose ordinary life. And then when they do find a buyer, FSBOs have a median selling price of only $185K, compared with the agent assisted median of $245K (2016 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers). Continue reading

How to Write “Benefits” Ads to Attract More Buyers

HDC_Real_Estate_Ads_Blog_2701_v2_1200x600.jpgYou know it. I know it. Everyone knows it…you’re supposed to sell the “benefits” of your listings, not the “features,” but that’s easier said than done. Anyone can slap together a description for the “4 bed 2.5 bath home for sale with huge deck and great view.” It takes a bit more effort to describe the listing in a way that resonates with a potential buyer by recommending they, “Abandon busy city-living and envision yourself basking on your generously sized deck, enjoying a view most people can only dream of! Make the ‘possibilities’ realities with this spacious 4 bed, 2.5 bath home!” If you want your ads to show this liveliness and passion, read on to discover how you can transform them! Continue reading

Kickoff the Buying Season with These “Super” Tips

HDC_Buying_Season_Blog_2660_1200x630.jpgIn times of great confusion, who do buyers want on their side? A Super Agent, that’s who! Are you prepared to rise to the challenge and be the super agent your buyers need you to be? Use your great knowledge for good: help them find their new home! With the unofficial kickoff of the buying season fast approaching, your time to prepare is short. Get ready to save the day with these three tips! Continue reading

Tom Ferry Explains How Ambition and Innovation will Help You Create Your Best Year Ever

HDC_Tom_Frry_Blog_2630_1200x600.jpgAs a real-estate agent, your goal is to be as successful and productive as possible every year. You want this year, next year, and the year following to be your Best Year Ever (BYE), even if you don’t think about it in those exact terms. That’s why Homes.com is challenging you to remove the ambiguity and make achieving your BYE 2017’s goal. In his recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, which you can view here in full, free of charge, Tom Ferry discussed what it takes to create your BYE. We’ve also gathered some of Ferry’s thoughts on the important roles of ambition and innovation in BYE-achievement, viewable below. Continue reading

[Free Download] Get Your Free, Brandable Holiday Handbook and Entertaining Guide Today!

HDC_Holiday_Guides_2017_2623_1200x600.jpgDon’t get caught dashing through the snow searching for the perfect gifts for your leads and contacts at the very last minute—we’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find your link to download the “Home for the Holidays Handbook” and the “Holiday Entertaining Guide.” These free, brandable eBooks have everything your clients need to host a memorable holiday party or simply nestle in for a quiet, comfy holiday at home. Continue reading