Visitor Traffic to Increases by 22%: Sending More Quality Leads and Traffic to Your Business! Visitor Traffic with More Leads to You

According to the most recent Local Market Index Reports, 95 out of the top 100 markets have posted monthly gains over a three month average. This, along with spikes in traffic and leads on, serves as evidence that national housing market conditions are improving and more home buyers are feeling comfortable about coming to market.

With ninety percent of home buyers starting their search online (NAR), it’s critical to have a partner that will expose your business to these potential clients. According to Omniture SiteCatalyst, the number of monthly visits in July searching for properties on rose from 14.5 million to just over 17.5 million over the same month last year, a 22% increase! What’s more is that has sent real estate professionals over 318,000 leads during July 2014 ( Internal Tracking). Continue reading

Three Reasons Why Local Content Just Works Social Fuel Aug 2014

“Home is where the heart is” has been a saying for quite some time. Online users share that sentiment, with studies showing 4 out of 5 consumers want content customized to their geographic area.* It shows that people are willing to conduct extensive research online in order to enjoy retail and events closer to home. With local love being a popular trend, you can leverage local content to drive more engagement online and win business.

Going local sets you up as the expert in your area. Your Facebook business page is the prime place to post weekly updates of local events happening nearby. Establish your brand as the local expert so that your Facebook page becomes a hub of evergreen information. Be the first to know and pass that information on to your residents as a value add. Introduce your home buyers and renters to their new neck of the woods with a short list of local happenings. Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts for Responding to Negative Reviews DoWarren Buffett once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Now that 90 percent of homebuyers use the Internet during the homebuying process (NAR), your online reputation can mean the difference between gaining a new client and losing one to the competition. This is why reputation management is such an important aspect of your business.

No one is perfect, so you can expect that at some point in your career, there will be a client or two that is simply not satisfied with the level of service they received. Even if their issue lies with something completely out of your hands, like a loan not being approved, they will undoubtedly voice their opinion about it online.

Ninety-four percent of consumers are more willing to spread the bad experience than the good one (Salesforce). Today’s consumer expects transparency, which means that regardless of whether people are speaking positively or negatively about your business, their comments should be available for others to see. While your first instinct may be to simply delete any negative feedback you find online, there are plenty of ways to handle this type of situation in a way that will show why you’re the local real estate expert. Continue reading

[Infographic]: 6 Key Facts to Know about Today’s Renter

Renter Profile Survey Infographic from Homes.comHave you noticed a rising interest for rental properties in your market? As conditions in the real estate industry continue to be on the up-and-up, people across the country are starting to realize the benefits that come along with renting.

Did you know that convenience, location and safety topped the list of priorities over amenities among home and apartment shoppers? This is the type of information that can be found in the and Renter Profile Insights Infographic. To help paint a better picture of who you should be gearing your marketing efforts toward and to shed some light on what property features potential clients are looking for most, here are 6 key facts that you need to know about today’s renter! Continue reading

How to Win Local Business with Great Content

Win Local Business with Great Content and“It’s not about creating content, it’s about improving your business through content.” This is what Jay Baer, marketing keynote speaker and best-selling author, says his philosophy is on content marketing, and it’s something that real estate professionals need to think about when creating a marketing strategy. Great content comes into play because it’s your way of staying top-of-mind until the next time clients need your real estate expertise. During that time, you need to keep up with what is sparking the interests of your networks and use it to stay relevant.

A big part of staying top of mind is consistently sharing local content, because it’s what matters most to your community. Whether it’s a restaurant review, community event or even just a quick news story about a local high school athlete, people love local. Stay up to date on everything going on in your area by taking some time out of your day to see what people are talking about; it will help position you as a reliable source for information.

Once you have decided what content will be most interesting to your followers, it’s time to think about how you will present it. Remember that it’s important to make your content attractive enough that your followers will want to interact with it, so stay away from using stale posts with just text. Instead, master the art of content by creatively using beautiful pictures and video because it does a much better job of capturing their attention. Continue reading