Professional Looking Photos Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune – Smartphone Photography

HDC_Photography_Blog_Image_8-1_2704_1200x600Not long ago, you either had to have a professional grade camera (along with the knowledge of how to use it) or hire a professional photographer to take your listing photos to compete with the images you see in magazines and on the web. Thanks to the advancement of today’s mobile technology, you can take and edit professional looking images on your phone.

Taking great photos on your mobile device isn’t just point and shoot; some skill is required. However, there’s no secret to amazing photos; with just a few tips and tricks you can capture the perfect image and add the finishing touches right from your phone. Continue reading

Facebook Ads for Real Estate: Part 3, Audience Targeting

HDC Social Profile Blog 4 2638 1200x600In Part 2 of the Facebook Ads for Real Estate series, ‘Campaign Objectives,’ we walked you through the process of accessing your Ads Manager and selecting your campaign objective (‘traffic’). Now you are going to learn how to set up your audience, select your ad placements, and create a set budget for your ad in the ‘ad set’ section. Continue reading

Facebook Ads for Real Estate: Part 1, Creating a Business Page

HDC Social Profile Blog 2 2638 1200x600

Real estate professionals have outgrown marketing tactics like advertising on bus benches, billboards, and classifieds, and it’s a good thing they have: traditional advertising comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, social media has made it possible to advertise your business without emptying your bank account while targeting your audience with 1000 times more accuracy than traditional advertising methods.

With over 1.79 billion active monthly users, Facebook can be viewed as the one of the greatest advertising markets available for any business, including real estate. In this 4 part series, we will walk you through setting up a business page, creating an ad campaign, selecting a targeted audience, and understanding Facebook Insights so that you can finally start benefiting from advertising through social media’s leading competitor. Continue reading

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Creating A New Social Profile

HDC_Social_Profile_Blog_2638_v2_1200x600Social media has become an integrated part of our daily lives, but learning how to strategically manage each social platform to benefit your business takes time and skill. However, by the time you finally figure out how to truly incorporate a particular site into your business, a new one magically appears out of thin air.

As real estate professionals, time is money and you would rather be spending that time with prospects and clients, but in the interests of growing your database you tell yourself, “Here we go again, time to learn a new social platform.”  However, we have come up with these questions you should ask yourself before creating another social media account. Continue reading