Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Marketing Shine Sept 2014 Social Fuel Image


For consumers, October marks the beginning of the holiday season. For marketers, October is the starting line to the great race that is Marketing Season. Most brands aim to finish this race with heightened consumer awareness, more engagement and increased revenue which will allow them to start the new year with great ideas and the budget to execute them.

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Give Your Social Strategy a Boost with Pinterest and Instagram

Boost Your Social Strategy with Homes.comLooking for a way to get a better return on social media marketing? Pinterest sends more referral traffic to websites than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined (Shareaholic). Furthermore, engagement from Instagram users is 10 times greater than any other platform (Business Insider). You most likely have a set strategy for Facebook and Twitter, but the ability of these two photo-centric platforms to grab the attention of clients and prospects is often overlooked.

Erica Campbell Byrum, Director of Social Media for and For Rent Media Solutions, will share exactly how brokers and their teams can use these visual social networks to better connect with clients and prospects during her presentation, “The Power of Pinterest and Instagram,” at the RE/MAX Broker-Owner Conference in San Francisco. Continue reading

4 Must-Have Tips for Building a Successful Social Strategy

Build a Successful Social Strategy with Homes.comTraditional marketing mediums like billboards and radio no longer drive the same exposure back to your business as they once did. Social media is the new “sheriff in town” when it comes to real estate marketing, and understanding how to use these platforms as tools to connect with clients and prospects is a big part of staying competitive in a world of social savvy real estate professionals. Eighty-five percent of all businesses with a dedicated social media platform reported an increase in their market exposure (MediaBistro), making it clear that real estate professionals are interested in connecting with customers in the social space.

What differentiates social media from other marketing resources is that they are the first online platforms to allow a two-way conversation. Sparking an online conversation about your business is a great way to drive more exposure, especially since 90 percent of homebuyers searched online during their homebuying process (NAR). Continue reading

Get to Know Buyers, Sellers and Renters Better with Predictive Targeting


Have you noticed that Facebook is right on (or close to) the mark when it comes to products and services that appeal to your tastes? You begin to see ads based off of recent online searches and brand page suggestions that are similar to other brands you ‘Like’ and follow. You follow a person or brand on Twitter and receive a prompt to follow similar Twitter handles shortly thereafter. You’re leisurely perusing Pinterest and stumble upon a ‘Related Pin‘ amongst the content pinned by people and brands you’re following. This is Predictive Targeting at work! These prompts and suggestions aren’t based off of a simple hunch. Continue reading

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Time on Social Media

3 Social Media Tips from Homes.comSocial media marketing has really taken hold, and for the most part, real estate professionals get it. Posting statuses that are about more than just listings, connecting with other professionals in the area or staying up to date with what your followers are doing, these are all things that you know are important. What real estate professionals are really missing is a way to stand out from all the noise of social media.

Competing businesses, pictures of a new puppy or those addicting Buzzfeed articles all make up this noise that is distracting clients and prospects away from your business. Regaining their attention will require you to spend a lot of time building and maintaining your online reputation. Setting the time aside for this is crucial, but the busy schedules of real estate professionals can make it seem like a burden. This is why it’s important to have a strategy that allows you to make the most out of every minute spent on these social networks. With this in mind, here are 3 tips to maximize your time on social media. Continue reading