3 Socially Responsible Ways to a Better Business

Becoming a Better Business with Homes.comIn recent years, Americans have become more interested in the concept of guilt-free consumption. In addition to incorporating these concepts into their everyday lives, today’s consumers expect the businesses and products they support to adhere to this lifestyle as well. Companies are beginning to realize the benefits of being “better businesses,” which shows that they support the idea of being environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

Although your real estate business may not be able to impact change on a global scale, there are ways that you can start getting involved with this consumer trend in more localized ways. Here are just a few ways you can start showing that your company is going the extra mile to become a “better business.” Continue reading

The State of Real Estate 2014: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The real estate industry is always changing, so it’s important to stay on top of any trends that could impact your business. Whether it’s changing consumer tastes, housingHomes.com State of Real Estate prices or employment rates, real estate professionals need to be aware of everything that can affect someone’s decision to buy or sell a home. Homes.com‘s “The State of Real Estate 2014: The Good, Bad and Ugly” infographic illustrates what real estate trends you should be paying attention to and what you can expect to see down the road. Continue reading

Keep an Eye on Your Leads with Enhanced Activity Reports!

Lead Management from Homes.comThe process of lead management from first contact with a new buyer to final closing is often a long journey. It is important to track your leads so they don’t get away. According to the 2013 NAR Survey of Buyers and Sellers, responsiveness was rated “very important” by 93% of all buyers. This means you need to not only stay connected to your buyers, but also be able to anticipate their needs. Continue reading

5 Tips for Selling Listings Faster

Are your listings staying on the market longer than you anticipated? Clients want their home sold as quickly as possible, so make sure you’re marketing tactics are moving these properties as efficiently as possible. It’s always frustrating when you can’t match the right buyer with the right seller, and with these five tips, you can better connect with the right buyer and ultimately sell your listings faster!

1. Listing Exposure is Key

Since 90% of consumers begin their home search online, you’d better make sure your property listings are there (National Association of Realtors).  This is why Preferred listings from Homes.com is such a valuable tool, as it puts your listings in front of the 12 million visitors that visit the site each month. Preferred listings get 300% more views than basic listings on Homes.com, giving you a significant advantage over your competitors when potential home buyers are searching for properties in your area! Continue reading