Brock MacLean

Brock MacLean, Executive Vice President,
Dominion Homes Media

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Brock MacLeanBrock MacLean is an 18-year veteran in the multi-family housing industry. He initially joined For Rent Media Solutions as a general sales manager from 1994 to 1996, and rejoined the company 10 years later as the vice president of national sales and development and Internet operations. In 2009, MacLean was promoted to senior vice president of national sales and development. In this position, MacLean focuses on expanding technological advances and forming new business partnerships for For Rent Media Solutions.

MacLean’s vision has kept For Rent Media Solutions on the cutting edge of technology solutions for the apartment segment. In addition to bringing a social solution to the segment, he is strongly involved with For Rent Media Solutions’ push for technologically advanced marketing solutions for video and mobile. He spearheaded efforts to create Community Theater®, the industry’s first online video package, followed by a text messaging product, QR codes, mobile Web site and apps, and most recently, iPhone®, T-Mobile G1TM (GPhone) and Blackberry® mobile applications, with features that cannot be found in any iPhone apartment application in the market. MacLean was instrumental in securing For Rent’s exclusive arrangement with Marketplace on Facebook. He has helped educate the industry through speaking engagements, national management meetings and media interviews for major industry publications.

In May 2011, MacLean was promoted to executive vice president of Dominion Homes Media, a group led by the flagship product MacLean began his new role by rebranding Homes Media Solutions with the launch of Homes Connect. This synergistic element created a new strategic direction for the company, and works as a platform which connects all Homes Media Solutions products.