How to Write “Benefits” Ads to Attract More Buyers

HDC_Real_Estate_Ads_Blog_2701_v2_1200x600.jpgYou know it. I know it. Everyone knows it…you’re supposed to sell the “benefits” of your listings, not the “features,” but that’s easier said than done. Anyone can slap together a description for the “4 bed 2.5 bath home for sale with huge deck and great view.” It takes a bit more effort to describe the listing in a way that resonates with a potential buyer by recommending they, “Abandon busy city-living and envision yourself basking on your generously sized deck, enjoying a view most people can only dream of! Make the ‘possibilities’ realities with this spacious 4 bed, 2.5 bath home!” If you want your ads to show this liveliness and passion, read on to discover how you can transform them! Continue reading

Featured Listings: One of the Most Effective Advertising Strategies for Realtors


According to a survey by real estate website HomeGain, Featured Listings are the second most effective marketing strategy for Realtors, only behind referrals. The survey accumulated over 1,300 responses from real estate agents and brokers from all over the country, and ranked the top ten most effective marketing strategies according to real estate agents and brokers. The survey used a ranking system based on the most effective advertising method and recorded the overall average score. Here are the results of the survey based on the average score:

1. Referrals 2. Featured Listings Continue reading