11 Entertaining Facts About Losing, Damaging and Getting Back Your Smartphone!

Where have you dropped your phone lately?

Your cell phone is what connects you to important phone numbers, including clients’ contact info, text messages, past and present, and if you have a smart phone, many real estate professionals consider it their lifeline! Now, if you haven’t stored your data through your wireless server provider, a cyber cloud somewhere, or just don’t want to pay for insurance and a pretty decent deductible, you may be willing to do just about anything to retrieve your phone if something happens to it.

Have you ever had your phone fall into the…yea you know…the throne, AKA the toilet? Did you reach in right away, because you had a client to follow up with or a mortgage lender expecting your call? Perhaps you take your phone every place that you really shouldn’t because it’s always attached to you, as the gentleman is humorously portraying in the photo. Continue reading

T-Mobile Has Options for UNLOCKED iPhones: What This Could Mean for Your Wallet

Unlocked iPhoneT-Mobile is attempting making a comeback in a big way. After nearly being sold to AT&T last year before the deal was nixed by The Department of Justice, the nation’s #4 carrier announced last week that they will be able to service unlocked iPhones from any carrier. This is great news for Real Estate Professionals on a budget, as T-Mobile is commonly known for being the least expensive of the “Big Four” carriers. It’s been quite a turn of events for the company over the past few months.

T-Mobile first was rumored to be eyeing a merger with Sprint, which caused AT&T to get in the game and make a serious bid for them. The two companies came to terms, which heavily favored T-Mobile if the deal came apart. In December, the Department of Justice cited antitrust issues and denied the deal from going through. This cost AT&T dearly, as they had to pay T-Mobile a non-refundable break-up fee of $4 billion dollars. AT&T’s last earnings statement showed the impact of the failed merger, which hurt their bottom line. T-Mobile, on the other hand, came out of it with a strong balance sheet. Despite the lowest number of national subscribers among the “Big Four” the company was flush with cash and ready to make a move. Continue reading

Hottest Smartphones on the Market for Professionals in Real Estate

Which smartphone is for you?As a professional especially in real estate, you know how important your phone is in your everyday tasks. It’s your lifeblood and without it, you’d feel helpless. Am I right?

We are getting into Corporate Convention season (Keller Williams, Realogy, ReMax), and many real estate professionals, agents and Realtors will be networking with colleagues. They will be asking them what they enjoy and dislike about their smartphones. There will certainly be seminars on this too! I just returned from the Keller Williams Family Reunion in Orlando and this was one of the most popular topics of discussion.

Which is the best phone to have? There are actually a couple of great phones, so let’s take a look at the smartphones more real estate professionals, agents, Realtors are depending on based on sales numbers from International Data Corporation.

The Data Revealed: Continue reading

The Top 5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2012 for Real Estate

2011 Show FloorThe 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year offered some great insight into technology. Companies are constantly trying to develop new technologies that can make our business operate more efficiently while hopefully making our lives easier. These “Hot” new items can be used for Realtors as well. Here are the Top 5 Tech Trends I have noticed and that you should watch for in 2012, and how to utilize them as an agent.

5. Social Media will Streamline: It seems like every other month there is a new social network coming out that promises to change our lives. Too many agents get caught up in this hype and try to join all of them. Before they know it, they are spending half their day updating all of their social sites and the other half checking them. For those of you who feel this way, I’ve got some good news: 2012 will be the year where these fly-by-night social sites disappear. Let me explain.

We already know the big boys of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. There are many others, but the public doesn’t seem to desire additional social networks. Instead, perhaps utilizing the functions on the larger current social networks would be more desired. The big thing I see occurring in 2012 is big corporations expanding their brand on the big social networks – not all of them, but the ones important to them and their audience. Which is something we should all keep in mind when joining social networks for business. Don’t worry about being on every social media site. Find the ones that are most successful for you and focus on building your business there. By the end of the year, Realtors won’t be the only ones doing this as many companies will be using the platforms of the major social networks to build or promote their brands.

4. Cloud Computing Will Continue to Grow: Continue reading

Homes.com offers even more mobile access

Profile Example

Launch of mobile Web site and real estate application for BlackBerry Storm, along with iPhone application, makes Homes.com the first real estate portal to reach consumers through all major mobile channels

NORFOLK, Va., Sept. 21, 2009 – Homes.com, a division of Dominion Enterprises, announced today the launch of its new mobile Web site and a real estate application for the BlackBerry Storm, making it even easier for home buyers and sellers to search over 3 million homes for sale and rent from the convenience of their mobile phones. Homes.com is the first real estate portal to publish real estate applications for BlackBerry as well as the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, and to launch a mobile Web site.

The Homes.com BlackBerry application is free and specific to the BlackBerry Storm. Users can search for homes near their current location, by zip code or city, or by MLS number; they can navigate nearby neighborhoods with Google maps; get fast and accurate driving directions; bookmark their favorite Homes.com properties; or share properties for sale or for rent with friends and family. The application is available for download from the BlackBerry App World. Continue reading