3 Innovative Ways to Increase Agent Productivity


Here at Homes.com, we know there are many challenges facing brokerages in the current marketplace, and one particularly difficult challenge is increasing agent productivity. As a broker you must properly equip agents with the needed skills and tools, as well as inspire them to be productive members of the team. This is not only essential to your business as a whole, but to your bottom line also. As real estate heads into the busy summer season, applying some of these business strategies will help motivate and empower your agents and increase their productivity.

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Ancillary Services Bring Luck to Your Brokerage

Are you and your agents meeting all of your clients’ needs? A new report analyzes the business models employed by many brokerages that offer ancillary services (also known as  “home services”) and how they use them. Do these services make sense for your brokerage? This report focused on enterprise brokers, with 500 agents or more, because they usually have a relationship with a mortgage company or insurance company.

The report was given by WAV Group Inc., and can be found in its entirety here.  The term “home services” refers to providing residential, mortgage, and insurance services to the consumer when speaking in conjunction with brokerages. It’s common for these same brokerages to have a settlement service and home warranty service in combination with the home or ancillary services. According to the report, these additional practices will really only benefit the brokerages of significant size because they will be able to “have enough data to profit from the harvesting practices outlined” in the report.

The full report for you shows the best data analytic and business intelligence practices by the largest banks and mortgage companies in the United States.  WAV uses with their examples to show how large real estate brokerages that offer home services can show consumers and other brokerages a more competitive edge as well as be more profitable. See what these ancillary practices can bring to your brokerage; it could be just the luck you need!

Seven Secrets: Converting Real Estate Leads into Clients

When it comes to leads, are you a leader or a follower? Do you have a strategy to find prospects and turn them into clients and referrals? Regardless of their source, it’s important to make the most of the leads that come your way.

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Homes.com posts record website visitors in January

January traffic exceeds 4 million visitors for the first time in company’s 11-year history

NORFOLK, Va., Feb. 8, 2008 – Homes.com, (www.homes.com), a division of Dominion Enterprises, announced today its highest website traffic in the company’s history. Total website visits to Homes.com exceeded the 4 million mark—an increase of more than 1 million visitors in a year-over-year comparison from January 2007 to January 2008, according to the company’s statistics. Continue reading

Real Estate Brokers Leverage Lead Management Tools

Chicago, IL, July 12, 2006 — Brokers eagerly embrace technology solutions that enable them to run their offices more efficiently while providing more value to their agents.

“Real estate brokers are using more sophisticated lead assignment systems to track and report lead activity,” said Dave Sidwell, President of Katabat, a company that creates best-in-class software solutions for real estate brokers. “Technology now provides brokers with the ability to save time by reducing lead data entry so they can concentrate on increasing conversion rates with their agents.”

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