Managing Your Commission to Last the Year

HDC_Commission_Blog_2936_1200x600_1The first commission check you earn in real estate feels amazing. After receiving it, it can seem like you’re set as far as finances go. After all, you just have to keep doing what you’re doing and the commissions will keep rolling in. It’s easy to forget that there are good months and bad months, and that you have to make each check last. Find tips to make your commission last the year here! Continue reading

Helping First Time Home Buyers

Recently BBVA Compass, a Sunbelt-based financial institution, conducted a survey of first time home buyers. Some of the results they found are helpful in assisting first time home buyers who are unfamiliar with the home purchasing process. Learning some of these tips will set agents apart from their competition. Here are some key statistics and some tips for how you can help your first time homebuyers prepare:

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