Simply Smarter Home Search with the New

Technology has dramatically changed the way real estate professionals do business and find leads. Through all those advancements,’s mission has always remained the same: help buyers and sellers connect with local agents. Now, we are pleased to introduce a new era of home search with the reimagined With fun collaboration tools, a new industry-first photo search, and artificial intelligence, buyers and sellers can finally search how they think. Here are a few of the top changes visitors to will find! Continue reading

Helpful Tools to Digitize Your Real Estate Business

Real estate is changing. These days you don’t have to meet your clients face to face every time you need something from them. The internet and the tools that come with it make it possible to conduct much of your business online, even from your phone. Read on for information about helpful tools you can use to streamline your real estate business on the go. Continue reading

Google for Real Estate #6: Google My Business

Google is the king of search engines. It processes over 9 billion searches every day—roughly 104,000 searches per second. With most buyers and sellers using the Internet at some point during their transaction, Google is a good place to start. Make sure your business is easy to find by verifying it in Google My Business. Continue reading

5 Spring Cleaning Tasks to Improve Your Business

Spring is finally making itself felt across the country and, as you know, this is the time of year when your clients start clearing out their closets and pressure washing their decks. But spring cleaning isn’t just for clients. Spring is also the time to get your office in order. Ensure your business is ready to run strong another year with these five tasks. Continue reading