Running a People First Business- Live #SecretsWebinars Twitter Chat with Chris Smith!

Technology is not here to replace people. In fact, the foundation of everything we do in the business world centers around the relationships that we foster. While there’s no doubt technology plays a significant role in the success of a business, one needs to be mindful of the people they are connecting their business with. Continue reading

Chris Smith – iPad Apps for Real Estate, The Webinar Everyone is Talking About!

Last week Chris Smith, Cofounder of CURAYTOR, presented a FREE webinar sponsored by and Secrets of Top Selling Agents entitled “iPad Apps for Real Estate Agents”.  If you missed it, don’t fret – you can watch the recording by visiting the previous webinars page of the Secrets Webinars website.  There, you can also see all of the other archived webinars, hosted by big wigs like Gary Keller, Larry Kendall, Sue Adler, Barbara Corcoran,  Brad Korn, and Michael Maher.Watch this webinar and see what everyone is talking about!

In this packed-house webinar, Chris Smith shared in a matter-of-fact, easy to understand way, what are his best suggestions for strategies using the iPad for real estate and which apps are key. It also doesn’t matter which model you have! Whether you’ve got a first-gen or the latest edition, Chris Smith says there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the topics Chris covered in this webinar: Continue reading

Build a Brokerage to Love in 2013

Building a strong brokerage can take a lot of hard work. You are constantly learning to navigate the newest technology, honing your time management skills, and trying to maintain a life of balance, all while implementing the intentional love and care every business needs to succeed. With all of that in mind, how do you love your clients, love your employees, and love your job? We’ve put together the top five ways to show the love in your brokerage and be successful this year.


  1. Lead Generation – When it comes to leads, the emphasis is more on proper lead tracking and conversion.  Brokers, you may have a lot of leads that are hitting your quantity goals, but are they quality leads? That is, are they being assigned to an agent and are they being followed up with?  Tracking leads and potential clients will strongly impact your brokerage this year.
  2. Contact Relationship Management – Lead generation directly relates to contact relationship management, but contact relationship management also includes past clients as well as leads. If your CRM is set up correctly, it will be your bread and butter; it contains specific details about your contacts and the options to manage them and your properties. This is crucial to keep your brokerage growing strong.
  3. Geo Targeting – Using available data to target certain geographical areas (related to a certain agent’s niche or an entire broker’s location) could help you get quality LOCAL clients. Not only could this give you a great local reputation, but it will also strengthen your online reputation by the way of feature listing exposure on (Get more details on listing exposure here.) On top of that, real estate portals also offer the option to purchase ads in specific zip codes ! See if yours is available with and Buyer Connect.
  4. Sales Training – The agents at your brokerage need to be excellent at sales if you want them to bring you excellent results. With that said, training must be maintained and offered regularly. If that isn’t something that the brokerage is going to offer, assist your agents by letting them know about other free resources (like webinars or local trade shows, for example). The more resources you give your agents to grow the more likely your business will grow with them. Secrets of Top Selling Agents offer FREE WEBINARS every month! This month, Chris Smith presents iPad Apps and Strategies for Real Estate — register here. 
  5. Web Strategy – We briefly mentioned online reputation regarding geo targeting. But what about your social media, advertising, and online testimonials? All of it needs to have an integrated, consistent strategy. Be sure that your brands across the web have the same message and you are monitoring it to the best of your ability, even if you need someone else to do it.  Branding yourself online has become a full time job. If you don’t have time to look into your media and web strategy, can help with Social Impact. Learn more about it here.