Google for Real Estate #5: Gmail

HDC_Gmail_Blog_2695_1200x600.jpgWhether you love it or hate it, every business needs email. It’s easy to set up your email account and call it done, but, like all technology, email is evolving and changing. The account you set up 20, 10, or even 5 years ago may no longer meet your business’s needs. Check out some of the things Gmail can do below and then ask yourself, “Does my email do this for me?” Continue reading

Google for Real Estate #4: Google Drive

HDC_Google_Brive_Blog_2668_1200x630.jpgFor a long time, Microsoft Office—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.—was the undisputed king of document creation. Then came the internet, the cloud, and mobile devices with capabilities that rivaled and exceeded those of desktop computers. Suddenly Microsoft Office wasn’t the obvious choice anymore. That’s why part 4 of our Google for Real Estate series covers Google Drive, one of the best programs to store and create documents. Here you’ll find out what it can do, where you can get it, how it can advance your business, and more. Continue reading

Google for Real Estate #3: Google Allo

HDC_Google_Allo_Blog_2657_1200x630.jpgGoogle is approaching some really sci-fi level functionality. Over the next few years, Google’s advanced A.I. systems will be integrated into our homes, cars, and devices, allowing you to easily play music, buy tickets, schedule a meeting, or find information anywhere, anytime, with just a simple vocal command. In the meantime, we have Google Allo, the smart messaging app that incorporates the Google Assistant to connect you with your Google Suite on the go. In this installment of Google for Real Estate, you’ll learn how Google Allo can improve your communications, where to get Allo, what it can do, how it can assist your business, and more. Continue reading

Google for Real Estate #2: Google My Maps

HDC_Google_My_Maps_Blog_2645_1200x630.jpgEvery year Beloit College publishes “The Mindset List” to share “cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students entering college.” One fact on the list points out that the class of 2017 “has never needed directions to get someplace, just an address.” With the ready availability of GPS, no one needs to know to turn left at the gas station, go three blocks, and turn right to reach their destination. That’s why part 2 of our Google for Real Estate series is going to show you how you can use Google My Maps to create maps that can connect with your leads, prospects, and clients in the digital map era. Continue reading

Google for Real Estate #1: Google Keep

HDC_Google_Keep_Blog_2645_1200x630.jpgGoogle processes 40,000 searches per second and over 3.5 billion searches per day. That’s incredibly impressive, but Google provides much more than just a search engine. Google offers internet users a large range of products free of charge. In this series, we’ll share how you can use Google’s free products to grow, manage, and organize your business. Here, you’ll learn how Google Keep can help your business, where to find it, how to use it, and more. Continue reading