New Account Upgrade Makes Managing All of Your Business Easier Than Ever

HDC_Dashboard_Blog_2900_1200x600Technology is a vital tool in the modern real estate agent’s arsenal, but it has to be intuitive and mobile. We’ve made your dashboard easier to use, easier to navigate, and more mobile friendly than ever before. Check out the features of your upgraded account below! Continue reading Connect Website Customers Get MORE Free Upgrades!

HDC_Product_Update_Blog_2821_1200x600Last month we announced the powerful new map search and reCAPTCHA functionality being added to all agent and broker websites powered by We’re keeping the upgrades coming this month with a new responsive open house manager and new traffic analytics! Find out how these great dashboard updates make managing your website easier than ever! Don’t have a website through Discover why you should! Continue reading

Ten Step Countdown to Improve Your Profile

HDC_Social_Profile_Blog_2641_1200x600.jpgWere you among the millions of people counting down the last few seconds of 2016, waiting to ring in the new year? Well, you made it! Now it’s time to push forward and build the infrastructure you need to make 2017 everything you hope for. Ensuring your online profiles are up to date and representing you in a way you can be proud of is a crucial part of that. Here are ten things to do on your profile to make sure your foundation is solid and ready to support a prosperous 2017. Continue reading’s Top 10 – Product News and Updates of 2016

Product_Wrap-up_2016_Blog_2625_1200x600.jpgWhat a year! In 2016 NASA’s probe Juno entered Jupiter’s orbit, a solar-powered plane circumnavigated the planet, India planted 50 million trees in a single day, and Giant Pandas were removed from the endangered species list. In the industry, mortgage rates were consistently low and tight inventory made it a great year to be a listing agent. We hope you had a fantastic year too, one full of quality leads, a growing database of prospects, and plenty of sales! It’s been a busy year for everyone, including Here are a few of the new products and upgrades we launched in 2016 that you may have missed. Get caught up below! Continue reading

NEW Skyline Drive 2.0 Design Theme Now Available! Fusion Websites are more personalizable than ever with the addition of the Skyline Drive 2.0 website design! Skyline Drive 2.0 brings a fresh look and mobile-responsive functionality to one of’s most popular classic design themes to make your page look great on any device! Continue reading