Kick Back, Relax, and Watch Your Business Grow this Summer!

HDC_Automate_Your_Business_Blog_2783__1200x600It’s hard to kick back and enjoy the summer when you’re constantly hunting for leads and trying to build your business. However, can help. With options available to help your business from the time a person starts thinking about buying or selling to years after the sale has been closed, our programs can free up your time, allowing you to focus on converting only the best leads, leaving you plenty of time to relax. Continue reading

No Hassle Marketing Materials Automatically Emailed to You for Each New Listing

HDC_Automated_Imprev_Blog_2758_1200x600For years, has offered agents and brokers the opportunity to create premium marketing materials through the Marketing Center. However, busy agents don’t always have time to spend on this time-consuming process. If you’re one of these busy agents, read on to discover how to make creating professional, property specific marketing materials easier! Continue reading

More Updates from Instagram!

Social-Fuel-Hero-Image_3656This week, Instagram released new enhancements to their My Story feature. Just two months ago, I called it the “B-movie version of Snapchat”. Well, I’m here to tell you Instagram has shed that skin and has throttled the My Story feature into A-list territory. Folks, Instagram was a content sharing and marketing dream before these updates were launched. Now, Instagram can certifiably say that it is a POWERHOUSE of a social network and can quite literally, do it all. It’s time you learn how to harness that power for yourself!

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How to Get Exclusive Leads on

HDC_PLA_Blog_2750_1200x600By upgrading to Preferred Listings on you gain exclusive leads and Preferred Agent branding. With Preferred Agent branding, all preferred listing lead inquiries are sent to the listing agent only. Additionally, no further advertisements (like Local Connect) will show on Preferred Listings. Continue reading

Why Facebook Ads Work

HDC-Social-Fuel-Newsletter-Hero-Image_3640A long time ago, on a social media site far, far away, there were no ads and minimal business presences. Facebook was meant for college students to connect with one another, not for Amazon to place retargeting ads to get you to buy the extra-large box of paper towels in bulk (amiright?). Yes, I fondly remember the good-ole days. But we must change and evolve, right? Stay relevant, reach wider audiences, and of course, convert traffic! How can all this be done? The answer is simple: Facebook Advertising. I’m going to show you just how powerful Facebook ads can be for your business by showing you what a page without Facebook ads will look like and it’s inevitable future, as well as a page thriving with Facebook ads.

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