How Instagram’s New Features Impact Your Real Estate Business

HDC_Instagram_Updates_2624_1200x600.jpgInstagram has changed a lot over the past year, with August heralding the introduction of several game-changing updates. Among these was Stories, a popular method of sharing photos and videos as a collection visible to the user’s followers for 24 hours. Since then, Instagram has added even more features to help users connect with potential followers. Continue reading

Instagram for Real Estate: New Updates Make it Easy to Engage

HDC-Instagram-Updates-2540 (1)Social media is constantly changing, and people are always trying to keep up. Recently, some changes were released by Instagram that could create a big boost in your real estate business strategy. A social network that was once thought to be reserved for pictures of coffee and fancy food, Instagram now has 400 million active users, 85% of top brands, and 60% of users logging in daily, making it the second most engaged social network after Facebook.

In the past week, Instagram released two major changes to their platform. The first, more business-oriented change is that they created a Business Profile option. The second is that they created a “Stories” feed, similar to Snapchat. Want to know how these updates can (and should) change the way you use your Instagram page? Here are some tips to help. Continue reading

Don’t Get Lost in the Instagram Panic: 3 Tips for a Killer Feed

Keep Calm: A Change is COming

Instagram recently announced some big algorithm changes that are causing a great deal of panic. According to their blog, rather than displaying in the familiar reverse-chronological order, Instagram will now be organizing users’ feeds “to show the moments [they] believe [users] will care about the most.”

The new algorithm update was expected to be released to all users on March 29th, causing Instagram users to flood their feeds with “Turn on Notifications” posts. In response, Instagram has reassured the public that they’re still in the testing process and this new algorithm update will only be released to a small audience for now.

So, the question is, when Instagram does release this update to the general public, what will it do to your feed? Here are three tips to make sure your followers will keep seeing your content. Continue reading