Marketing So Useful, People Would Pay For It- Part One: Self-Serve Information

What’s one of the greatest misconceptions about marketing? It’s the idea that the louder you shout, the better. But in today’s world, effective marketing is about help, not hype. While spreading your message to customers is important, the real key to success is the type of content that you’re creating, sharing, etc.?

Jay Baer, one of the nation’s leading social media experts and author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype, visited Dominion’s parent company, to share his content marketing expertise and tips on how to build a stronger social media following.

Youtility is the concept of creating marketing that’s so useful, people would pay for it. While this concept can be applied to any industry, it can be especially useful to real estate professionals for creating and implementing a strong marketing strategy. Baer highlighted three aspects of  the Youtility concept during his exciting presentation: Self-Serve Information, Radical Transparency and Real-Time Relevancy.  We have broken topics into a three part blog series, in this edition we will be discussing how to incorporate Self-Serve Information into your marketing strategy. Continue reading

Pinterest Could be Real Estate Professionals’ Lucky Charm

Pinterest for FansPinterest is a pinboard site that you can share a variety of different things and you must see to understand.  For real estate professionals, beware this can be addicting and quite fun! We suggest maybe starting to play around with Pinterest on your free time just in case you get distracted with all the fun during working hours.

Stay tuned for our Pinterest for Real Estate Professionals blog series! This blog will show you how to get started. In our next Pinterest blog we will tell you at least 10 ways you can use this great site for your business and our 3rd Pinterest blog will include etiquette rules.

Install the Pin it Button

  • After your account is created this “Pin It” button will be the tool that grabs the image from the site you are pinning and paste it for you on Pinterest.
  • Go to
  • Click under ‘About’ and Go Here to ‘Goodies’

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Sue Adler Shares How to Give the Consumer what the Consumer Wants!

FREE Webinar with Sue Adler

Have you ever wondered how to be the top Agent? Sue Adler, #1 Keller Williams in New Jersey sat down with Secrets of Top Selling Agents and to share how she created her consumer-centric business through social media, video, website engagement, and her team. Wow, did Sue have amazing ways to show your consumer its about them and not the sale! This is what’s important to her, and this is how she became #1. If you didn’t have a chance to watch the webinar you can find it here along with many others previously aired. Watching the webinar will be the best way to see the how Sue Adler manages her consumer-centric business, but we have a short summary for you below!

Sue Adler has been the #1 Keller Williams Agent in New Jersey since 2005, she was featured on the Top 100 List for Inman Most Influential Real Estate Leaders, as well as #103 on Wall Street Nationwide Top Teams List Nationwide. Congratulations Sue and thank you again for providing us with such a helpful and guided webinar to successful consumer relationships and business growth.

5 Key Elements to Creating a Great Customer Experience: Continue reading

How-To Use Video in Marketing Real Estate

Renowned speaker and broker-agent Brian Copeland will present a webinar on building your brand through video for the Secrets of Top Selling Agents Webinar on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 . Brian, who is affiliated with Village Real Estate Services in Nashville, TN, is the first documented real estate agent to use YouTube to promote a listing.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Copeland about the role video marketing plays in his real estate business. According to him, “about 20-30 buyers came to him from video marketing in 2009.” That’s a great return on investment from this marketing tactic, especially in addition to the potential referrals he could see!

Before getting into the “how-to” of video marketing, there is one key reason you should know on the value of implementing video into your strategy. And that is because consumers are online and they expect to see real estate professionals there! As we mentioned in our article YouTube for Real Estate Professionals, approximately 84.6 % of internet users in the U.S, viewed online video in December 2010. Just think locally how many individuals that translates to! Continue reading Introduces a New Homes Section

Norfolk, Virginia, January 26, 2006 –, an industry leader in innovative Internet marketing solutions for real estate professionals, has introduced a “New Homes” portal, to help builders highlight their properties and communities to homebuyers searching for homes on showcased this new section at the International Builder Show (IBS) in Orlando, FL earlier this month where builders from all areas of the country expressed a high level of interest in the new program. With the slowing of the real estate market, builders recognize even more than ever that they need to reach a wider audience of homebuyers and the Internet is an affordable and effective means of doing so. Continue reading