Lose the Paperwork, Build Your Business With the iPad

Have you started using the iPad to manage your business? If not, then you are already a couple steps behind the competition. From bank statements to concert tickets, everything is becoming paperless and the iPad is helping make that happen.  In fact, it’s streamlining the way people do business by eliminating the time and costs required to conduct your day-to-day operations the “old school” way.

Strangely, many agents and brokers have yet to adopt the concept of going paperless. According to Garry Wise of the Goodlife Team, on average, paperless agents save five hours per transaction. It’s no secret that real estate professionals have hectic schedules, so why wouldn’t you want to save yourself a little time to get back to the things you enjoy? With the said, Homes.com wants to shed some light on ways to use the iPad and highlight the applications that make it so essential to stay ahead in today’s competitive real estate industry. Continue reading

“iPad For Real Estate: Your Office, Anywhere” with Garry Wise

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Garry Wise has been an expert in real estate since 1997 and for the past 2 1/2 years, has been perfecting a paperless work environment at GoodLife Team. In this webinar, Gary will teach you how to use iPad for Real Estate, and how to make it an essential tool in your business life. You will learn how to deliver a true “5 Star” performance to your clients and save an average of FIVE HOURS on every real estate deal with his paperless work system!

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