Top Agents Unplugged: Customer Service Strategies That Keep Clients Interested

In our last article, we introduced Laurie Weston Davis, co-founder of Geeky Girls, and Linda Davis, owner of Ledyard Realty, and began breaking down their one-on-one with Jimmy Mackin. We’ve already discussed how they are early adapters of new technology, but this time around we will be analyzing the unique customer service strategies that have helped them become successful. Continue reading

Top Agents Unplugged: Keeping Up With Technology

Whether it’s adapting to new technology, having exceptional customer service procedures or unique marketing tactics every agent has his or her own approach to growing their business. With that said, it’s uncommon for agents and business owners that have become successful to share their secrets with just anyone.

Luckily for you, Jimmy Mackin had a little one-one-time with two of these self-made real estate super stars during an interview at NAR 2013. Laurie Weston Davis, co-founder of Geeky Girls, and Linda Davis, owner of Ledyard Realty, have both created one of a kind real estate businesses and actively share the steps that it took to create them with real estate professionals around the country. Continue reading

3 Steps to Winning “The Zero Moment of Truth” with Valuable Content

Google defines The Zero Moment of Truth as “the moment when you grab your laptop, mobile phone or some other wired device and start learning about a product/service you’re thinking about buying”. According to Jimmy Mackin, co founder of, having a good online reputation and providing valuable content is the only way to win this pivotal moment in your business’s success. During his “Content Marketing Cheat Sheet- How to Capture Today’s Consumers” presentations at NAR 2013, Mackin explains the basic strategies of providing this valued content to clients and prospects

Mackin continues by saying “solving a problem is the most useful type of content you can share and real estate professionals haven’t really picked up on that”. Think about it, if a potential client searches “best agent in my area” and you are among the top results, if you’re sharing stuff like “Top Cat Pictures of 2013” it’s unlikely they’ll view you as a reliable person to help buy or sell their home. Continue reading

14 Apps You Need to Succeed in 2014

Yes, there’s an app for that.  In fact, we have 14 recommended apps that real estate pros should consider for streamlining your business in 2014. Our friend, and Inman Top 100 Most Influential, Jimmy Mackin suggested these tools during his presentation, “Must Use Apps for 2014” during one of educational sessions at NAR 2013.  From tools to optimize your inbox, measure your email campaigns’ performance, consolidate project tasks and more, these apps are a must-have for organizing your business and enhancing your clients’ experiences!

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[VIDEO] Master the iPad in 15 Minutes!

Are you using your iPad to its fullest potential?  Working on the run has become second nature to most real estate pros and mobile devices such as the iPad have made this possible.  Jimmy Mackin, co-founder of, and guest speaker for at the 2012 NAR Conference,  presented his recommendations on how real estate professionals can maximize the iPad!  If you missed the live presentations at NAR, check out the video to see Mackin’s presentation “Mastering the iPad in 15 Minutes” to learn the ins and outs of using the iPad to your advantage!

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