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Is your email inbox inundated with messages that seem impossible to keep up with?  Tis the season to clean up and start managing your messages more efficiently with tips from Jimmy Mackin, co-founder,, a conversation search engine.

Jimmy Mackin co-founder Curaytor.comJoin us on April 24th at 1pm Eastern, for “Inbox Zero!” a FREE Secrets of Top Selling agents webinar presented by Jimmy.  You’ll learn how you can achieve business sanity, improve customer service and free up time to generate more business.

The email will not control you anymore – you will control it! As always the webinars are FREE but space is limited so we recommend you register today!

About Jimmy Mackin Jimmy is a Facebook marketing expert. He is a national speaker on the Agent Reboot tour and a former featured contributor to popular technology blogs Inman Next and Tech Savvy Agent. He is the creator and community manager of several of the most popular Facebook groups in the real estate industry.

Jimmy Mackin’s Do’s and Don’ts for Facebook Marketing

As you research ways to better market yourself and your real estate business with social media in the new year, we have another resource for you to utilize.  August 2012, Secrets of Top Selling Agents hosted a Facebook Marketing webinar with Jimmy Mackin.  Jimmy explained how to market your listings on Facebook with his helpful Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet. Here are some key take-aways from his webinar:

The DON’TS of Marketing Your Listings on Facebook:

1. DON’T syndicate your listings. 2. DON’T randomly invite people on Facebook to open houses. 3. DON’T  only share links with no context.

The DO’S of Marketing Your Listings on Facebook:

1. DO tell a story with your posts and images. 2. DO encourage your followers to engage with your posts. 3. DO use beautiful, eye-catching photos that start conversations.

Jimmy also gave a great presentation on marketing at last year’s National Association of Realtor’s Conference in Orlando. If you missed it, check out the video!

To get more information on marketing your listings on Facebook, watch the recording of Jimmy’s webinar here. Also, be sure to check out the original post on the Secrets Blog right here! at NAR 2012 – All Presentation Notes Here! Booth #2265 Presentation Notes:

Top Real Estate Apps

Crash Course in Facebook

Facebook Cheat Sheet


Pinterest for Real Estate 


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Joe Sesso will be announcing the latest and greatest apps you need to maintain your competitive edge in real estate. Click here for the notes from his presentation.

Jimmy Mackin is hosting a a variety of subjects including a Crash Course in Facebook, his Facebook Cheat Sheet and even iPad Apps, click the corresponding title to retrieve the notes for that presentation.

Erica Campbell, our social media guru, will expose the newest trend and possibly one of the best kept secrets to listing exposure – Pinterest! Advance your real estate business with Pinterest, and learn how with Erica, at NAR 2012. Click here for her presentation.

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