at NAR 2012 – All Presentation Notes Here! Booth #2265 Presentation Notes:

Top Real Estate Apps

Crash Course in Facebook

Facebook Cheat Sheet


Pinterest for Real Estate 


Joe Sesso, Jimmy Mackin and Erica Campbell will be presenting at our booth #2265 at NAR this weekend! Be sure you attend the presentations to not only receive some excellent tips, but it could be your lucky day – you may walk away $1,000 richer after entering a chance to win.

(See links below for each presentation)

Joe Sesso will be announcing the latest and greatest apps you need to maintain your competitive edge in real estate. Click here for the notes from his presentation.

Jimmy Mackin is hosting a a variety of subjects including a Crash Course in Facebook, his Facebook Cheat Sheet and even iPad Apps, click the corresponding title to retrieve the notes for that presentation.

Erica Campbell, our social media guru, will expose the newest trend and possibly one of the best kept secrets to listing exposure – Pinterest! Advance your real estate business with Pinterest, and learn how with Erica, at NAR 2012. Click here for her presentation.

 Download our ebook – Pinterest for Business



Foursquare for Real Estate: Four Easy Steps to Get Your Real Estate Business on Foursquare

As a real estate professional, you know the importance of having a strong social message. You know that you most definitely should have a Facebook account and maybe even a Twitter account.  If you’re a little more advanced with social media, you may even have a Facebook business page. Having social channels for your business have become the status quo in real estate marketing today.  Foursquare is my suggestion for the next step to getting a leg up on the competition.  Foursquare started in 2008 and has been exploding in growth over the last couple of years, however some believe it is underused for business.

What exactly is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a free app that helps people make the most of where they are and share it in the cyber world with their friends! When you’re out and about, use Foursquare to ‘Check-in’ to places you visit. This app shows popular tips that were left about the place you check in at, by prior visitors. Continue reading

Joe Sesso & His Top 13 Apps are Back at NAR!

There are so many apps out there in the smartphone world. It can be hard to know which ones are worth it and which ones aren’t. That’s where we come in!

You can discover your real estate business dreams with just your smartphone. Seriously! If you’re going to NAR this year, stop by the booth #2265 to find out how. Our tech expert Joe Sesso will be sharing his Top Ten Apps for Real Estate, one of the most popular topics on our blog, PLUS 3 BONUS APPS at the booth. As mobile technology advances, so do your choices for real estate marketing. Be sure to catch this presentation to hear about all the latest and greatest apps you need to market and/or manage your real estate business effectively!

Joe will also be joined by special guest Erica Campbell, our social media guru, to let you in on the newest secret to listings exposure – Pinterest! Sure, you can pin recipes and outfits all day long, but did you know you can actually advance your real estate business with Pinterest, too? It’s true! Erica will tell you all about it!

While you’re gleaning important knowledge from Joe and Erica, be sure to enter for your chance to win some cash. will be giving away $1,000 to one lucky winner each day of the conference! Don’t miss out on your chance to win – come say hi to us at booth #2265!


**Stay tuned – We will be providing ALL the notes for these presentations!

Will You Be in Line for the iPhone 5? Check Out These Statistics

Will you be purchasing or upgrading to an iPhone 5?

Many people have said YES!  How many are actually expected to buy? The folks at Baird Research put together a comprehensive study and they came up with some interesting numbers as to who will be buying one. Here’s what they found:

* Apple estimates that it will sell at least 50 million iPhones in the next year, which is extremely conservative. Analysts predict that Apple could sell that many by Christmas of this year.

* With regards to poaching (taking users away from another brand)

  • 77% of iPhone users expected to remain loyal users
  • 48% of Android users will stay with Android
  • 17% of Android users will switch to iPhone
  • 5% of iPhone users have said they will switch to Android
  • 2% of Blackberry users say they will stay with Blackberry

What category do you fit into? wants to know, tell us below.