NEW SHOW from Real Estate Trend Talk on YouTube is proud to announce the official launch of our newest program, Real Estate Trend Talk, a video blog covering all things real estate. Our first episode is hosted by Joe Sesso, National Speaker and Real Estate Edutainer. He covers everything from real estate news to the hottest apps for real estate and even the best events to attend. Real Estate Trend Talk will be loaded with information for real estate professionals no matter if you are an listing agent, buyer agent, mortgage professional, etc. In the first episode, Sesso discusses Inman News Real Estate Connect event and Agent Reboot coming up next week. There is a new social network for neighborhoods, called and Sesso will discuss benefits of using this tool and its applications to real estate professionals. Joe also shares a FREE new app, called Homesnap that sends you details of a property after taking a picture of it!

Joe Sesso has a lot to share in our first episode of Real Estate Trend Talk and we can’t wait for Agent Reboot and Inman Connect to take place because we will have even more details and tips to share! So, be sure to comment below what you think, because remember wants to provide you with the information you want and need to grow your business. Maintain your competitive edge with and see you next week!

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The Top 10 Smart Device Apps for Real Estate Professionals – Updated!

In my travels, speaking to real estate professionals across the country, I’m often asked,” What are the best real estate apps?”  It’s a valid question. The answer is; that the top apps are constantly changing as new apps come on the scene. I recently presented my latest edition of the Joe Sesso, Top 10 Smart Device Apps at a national convention. These apps are great, and most of them are for both Android and Apple devices. Some are even available for Blackberry. In case you missed it, here they are:

  1. Real Estate App: I love this app. It offers great graphics and it’s easy to use for consumers and professionals! Best of all, it’s free. Consumers and real estate professionals can search nationwide over four million homes on the market.  They can search by maps, zip codes or cities. This is a must have app for everyone.
  2.  Zite: Zite is an online magazine that is custom tailored to the user, and it gets smarter the more often that you use it. This free app asks you what your interests are (real estate, architecture, gadgets, etc.) then provides articles for you to read and enjoy. You can easily re-post these articles on Facebook or Twitter. It’s also interactive, so it asks you if you liked the article or not. It also asks if you want more articles on certain people, places or topics. If you indicate “yes,” you will see more articles about what you want. This is truly an amazing app.
  3.  Evernote: This app is your day planner, calendar, to-do list, and goal sheet all in one. This free app enables you to create lists, record voice memos, and share ideas with friends and social networks (although you don’t have to). The best part about this app is that you can sync all of your devices to it. I can record a voice memo on my phone and then listen to it from my Mac or PC at night. It’s that amazing. This app will keep you on the ball.
  4.  Real Alert App: This is the first app that I’m mentioning that costs money, but this app can literally save your life. It costs only $1.99, but this app is worth so much more. Real estate professionals are concerned about their safety, and this app helps them stay safe. You can open this app and call 9-1-1 with one press of a button. You can also contact friends easily and locate nearby hospitals. It also provides a form to fill out and share with your colleagues of suspicious characters you may encounter. This can be very useful. This app is a must for any real estate professional.
  5.  Genius Scan App: This free app turns your phone into portable scanner. Now you can scan contracts, forms and other important documents and e-mail them to mortgage brokers, clients and attorneys quickly and easily. This app will save you lots of time, as well as miles on your car.
  6.  iMovie & Clesh Movie Apps: iMovie (for Apple) and Clesh (for Android) are great for making video tours of properties. They’re also great for video blogs for real estate professionals. These apps cost money, $4.99, but they are amazing for the price. These apps enable you to record video, edit, piece snippets together, add text and credits, and import music from your library to give your video more spice. I was able to record a video tour, edit, add text and music and upload to Youtube and Facebook in about 20 minutes. It’s professional, but easy-to-use. That’s why I love these apps.
  7.  Everyblock: This app is for people who live in or around big cities. Everyblock is only in about 15 markets nationwide at this point, but this app is great for getting local news and information. If you’re a real estate professional looking for ideas to post to your blog, Everyblock has it. You can share these articles with your followers and friends and increase your social influence on Twitter and Facebook. This is a free app.
  8.  Instagram: This company has been in the news a lot lately. This app has been one of my favorites for almost a year now, but apparently Facebook loved them as well. They just bought Instagram for $1 billion dollars. Not bad for a 15 month old company. This free app is awesome and is available on both Android and iPhone. It can transform even the most amateur photographer into a pro. Real estate professionals can make their listing photos stand out by using one of Instagram’s photo enhancers. This is a must have app – and it’s fun as well.
  9.  Photosynth: This is another free photo app that is great for real estate professionals. Designed by Microsoft, this app works on iPhone, Android, and Windows platforms and enables users to make panoramic photos with their phones. It has built in stitch assist that can literally stitch two adjacent photos together. It’s perfect for those large panoramic shots you want to use in your real estate business.
  10. Mortgage Calculator App: This free app is great for any real estate professional. It can help determine monthly payment, rent versus buy options, and how much a person can qualify for. This is a must have if you work with clients.

There it is: My Top 10 Smart Device App List for the first half of 2012. There will be other lists, so be sure to look for my newest list in the coming months. In the meantime, use these apps to help your business run more efficiently and possibly even save time. They can also make life more enjoyable, in my opinion – so give it a try for yourself!

Three Important Real Estate TO DO’s for This Week!

Hey Real Estate Professionals, looking for something to do this week? We have three ideas that can help you grow your business exponentially. Easter week is generally a time when people slow down and relax, but we have an action-packed line-up of real estate experts that will show you what it takes to have a fantastic 2012! Here’s the Real Estate “To Do List” for the week:

1.) Register for Barbara Corcoran’s FREE Webinar: Real Estate Mogul and star of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, Barbara will be the guest speaker on Secrets of Top Selling Agents on Wednesday, April 4. The show starts at 1 P.M. Eastern Time and will last one hour.

To sign up for this FREE webinar, go to Barbara Corcoran knows that innovation may be the single most important key to success in today’s highly competitive marketplace. She is known for having built the most successful real estate business in New York City, as well as her current appearances on NBC’s TODAY Show and as investor/shark on ABC’s reality hit Shark Tank, from which she is now shepherding 11 new businesses to success! REGISTER HERE

2.) Attend Agent Reboot: Continue reading

Chat Live w/ National Speaker & Tech Expert Joe Sesso April 5 1 PM EST is on Facebook and if you are not a fan yet, we have a good reason why you should be! National Speaker and Tech Expert Joe Sesso is going to be chatting live on our Facebook page on Thursday, April 5 at 1 PM EST, so mark your calendars! This chat is definitely one real estate professionals should not miss.

  1. Do you have a smart phone?
  2. Would you like find out what the best apps are for real estate professionals?

Tech Expert, Joe Sesso will be chatting live on at to answer your questions about the best apps for your real estate business. (Have you read Joe Sesso’s TOP 10 APP Blog yet?!)

In this live chat Joe will:

  • Answer the question “How much is too much?” when it comes to smart phone apps.
  • Answer your questions about how to maximize the real estate apps on your smart phone.
  • He will talk about his Top 10 app list for real estate.
  • Discuss which apps don’t quite make the grade.

This will be a very popular and exciting session, so do come with questions and Joe will be live with answers! Continue reading

The Top 5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2012 for Real Estate

2011 Show FloorThe 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year offered some great insight into technology. Companies are constantly trying to develop new technologies that can make our business operate more efficiently while hopefully making our lives easier. These “Hot” new items can be used for Realtors as well. Here are the Top 5 Tech Trends I have noticed and that you should watch for in 2012, and how to utilize them as an agent.

5. Social Media will Streamline: It seems like every other month there is a new social network coming out that promises to change our lives. Too many agents get caught up in this hype and try to join all of them. Before they know it, they are spending half their day updating all of their social sites and the other half checking them. For those of you who feel this way, I’ve got some good news: 2012 will be the year where these fly-by-night social sites disappear. Let me explain.

We already know the big boys of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. There are many others, but the public doesn’t seem to desire additional social networks. Instead, perhaps utilizing the functions on the larger current social networks would be more desired. The big thing I see occurring in 2012 is big corporations expanding their brand on the big social networks – not all of them, but the ones important to them and their audience. Which is something we should all keep in mind when joining social networks for business. Don’t worry about being on every social media site. Find the ones that are most successful for you and focus on building your business there. By the end of the year, Realtors won’t be the only ones doing this as many companies will be using the platforms of the major social networks to build or promote their brands.

4. Cloud Computing Will Continue to Grow: Continue reading