Renters Who Don’t Know They Want to Buy – Potential Revenue for You

HDC_2831_Rentals_Blog_1200x600Has anyone ever contacted you about a house that wasn’t for sale but was instead listed as (*gasp*) for rent? If your response to that lead was “I don’t do rentals,” you’re missing out on a great source of revenue. I’m not talking about the revenue from the rentals. I’m talking about the sales that those renters will eventually turn into. Some rentals may take years to convert, but others may be ready to buy now and just haven’t realized it. You’re sitting on a cache of leads that are just waiting to be worked. Here are five tips to help you start monetizing rental leads. Continue reading

[Infographic] Millennials’ Journey to Homeownership

HDC_Millennial_Infographic_Blog_27911200x600_v2Millennials are a force to be reckoned with, and considering the vast buying power they bring to the table, you may be wondering how you can capitalize on this tech-savvy generation. The good news is that 92 percent of millennials purchased their home with the help of a real estate agent—a greater proportion than the overall 88 percent of buyers who used a real estate agent—making it safe to say that real estate agents will retain an indispensable position in the industry. That said, knowing who the largest group of buyers for the last three years running are will help you shape your business to better meet the needs and expectations of this very important pool of buyers. Continue reading

Keeping Up with Consumer Trends: YOUniverse has been keeping an eye on consumer trends that may affect what your clients and prospects look for in a home. We’ve already discussed how status seekers are looking for guilt-free products that reduce their impact on the environment, and this time around, we want to shed some light on another trend called “YOUniverse.”

The key thing to remember about society’s YOUniverse trend is that everything’s about them! These types of consumers expect a high level of customization, involvement, personalization, and instant gratification, more than any other type of consumer.  Continue reading

Keeping Up with Consumer Trends: Status Seekers

Being aware of current consumer trends in the real estate industry plays a big part in creating a marketing strategy that is effective, and thus, helps grow your business. But before you can spot these trends in the housing market, you must first understand the social movements that cause them. With that said, is here to highlight a consumer trend that many of you are already familiar with – one that is starting to influence many of your clients when looking for a home – status seekers.

Status Seekers

According to a recent report, status seekers are those who want to be recognized for their possessions and that strive to be at the top of the proverbial “social hierarchy.” They have always focused on purchasing unique, expensive and trendy products to set themselves apart from the rest of society.

Although they still seek these types of products, many are now looking for guilt-free status symbols that will allow them to clear their conscience of the damage done by their consumption (toward the planet, society, or themselves) and still deliver a status boost. Continue reading

NAR Study Reveals: Millennials Account for Majority of Homebuyers

How well do you know your clients and prospects? To ensure the success of your business, it’s necessary to understand a homebuyer’s search habits and to recognize the qualities that make each of them unique.’s Real Estate Trends Survey shed some light on how you are marketing your business, but this time around we’re providing you with an inside look at today’s homebuyer. Continue reading