The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads

HDC_Evergreen_FB_Ad_2759_1200x600Real estate professionals have outgrown marketing tactics like advertising on bus benches, billboards, and classifieds, and it’s a good thing they have; traditional advertising comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, social media has made it possible to advertise your business without emptying your bank account while targeting your audience with 1000 times more accuracy than traditional advertising methods.

With over 1.94 billion active monthly users, Facebook can be viewed as the one of the greatest advertising markets available for any business, including real estate. By providing businesses with the means to reach an exponentially larger number of customers with a significantly smaller budget, Facebook has put businesses where they want to be: in the eyes of their target market. Continue reading

Professional Looking Photos Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune – Smartphone Photography

HDC_Photography_Blog_Image_8-1_2704_1200x600Not long ago, you either had to have a professional grade camera (along with the knowledge of how to use it) or hire a professional photographer to take your listing photos to compete with the images you see in magazines and on the web. Thanks to the advancement of today’s mobile technology, you can take and edit professional looking images on your phone.

Taking great photos on your mobile device isn’t just point and shoot; some skill is required. However, there’s no secret to amazing photos; with just a few tips and tricks you can capture the perfect image and add the finishing touches right from your phone. Continue reading

How to Create and Leverage User Generated Content for Real Estate

HDC-User-Generated-Content-Blog-2534Content is an important part of any successful internet campaign, but it can be hard to consistently create interesting and useful information all on your own. That’s why user-generated content is so great! Check out these three ways to create and leverage user-generated content on your website, social accounts, and email marketing. Continue reading

Didn’t Download the Top 10 Apps of 2016? Maybe You Don’t Need to…

HDC-Leverage-Tech-Blog-2434Here you are, stranded on a tropical island: just you, your phone, and dozens of people looking to you to sell them island homes. Despite getting drenched during your swim to shore, your phone is miraculously still working! Tragically, none of those amazing apps you downloaded survived. You’re left with what is essentially the factory default model. Despite this, there are still a lot of ways you can use your phone to help you sell real estate to those stranded with you. Continue reading

“WOW” Check Out New Facebook Reactions! Do You Love It?

HDC-New-Features-Blog-2409For years Facebook users have been requesting the option to “dislike” posts. Well, Facebook has decided to do one better and offer users the option to choose from six different emotions when interacting with a post. Now, when hovering over the “like” button, you can choose from like, love, haha, wow, sad, and angry icons. Here are three ways new Facebook reactions can affect your posts. Continue reading