3 Ways to Get Top Talent to Join Your Team

HDC_Top_Agents_Blog_2929_1200x600_2Your team or brokerage is full of budding talent that you’re actively shaping into top agents. Still, there’s something to be said for experienced agents who have already proven themselves. The problem is, experienced agents are likely already attached to a brokerage or team. But that problem isn’t insurmountable. Those agents could be working with you. All you need is the right pitch. Continue reading

Show Some Local Love: 5 Ways to Be the Local Expert

HDC-Local-Love-Blog-2444You’ve probably heard the maxim, “be the local expert,” but how do you do that? If you genuinely love your area, you’re already ahead of your competition. Let your passion about the parks, schools, and local events show! Here are five ways to share your passion and grow your reputation as the local expert. Continue reading

4 Ways LinkedIn Company Pages Can Expand A Business

With so many social platforms that are claimed to be “essential” in marketing a business, you may find yourself asking “which ones are actually worth my time?” Real estate professionals already have a busy schedule, so having to spend even more time managing another social account may seem unappealing. Homes.com has found that one networking site has proven to be the most effective for business professionals and their companies than any other. You’ve likely heard of LinkedIn and odds are you even have personal page, but did you know that creating a LinkedIn Company page is an even better way to promote your business? Here are 4 reasons why! Continue reading

Build Strong Colleague Relationships by Using these Real Estate Do’s and Do Not’s!

Work for your clients with Homes.com Throughout our careers we come across individuals that we may judge because we believe they are making silly decisions and we may even jump to the conclusion that they shouldn’t be in the business. Many professionals in the Real Estate industry may agree with the fact that they do come in contact with many  individuals in their industry that may make bad choices.

We as professionals need to learn how to form better relationships with our colleagues, even when the smallest problem is thrown at us. If you become the local professional in the industry known as the inpatient, pessimistic, over competitive agent within your company or your city it will be difficult to build relationships and your network.

You may think the consumer/client opinion was the only thing you should worry about because that’s who affects your pay check, but really building rapport with other agents is equally important.  You want to be able to count on your colleagues to help sell properties more quickly based on your professionalism and network growth.

What do you have to lose? Below are the do’s and don’ts of  building great relationships with your real estate colleagues, so you can count on each other for support and hopefully improve the turnover time for sales. Continue reading