5 Things You Should Know About VA Loans

HDC_VA_Loan_Blog_2906_1200x600Holidays like Veterans Day and Memorial Day bring the dedicated service men and women protecting our country front and center in our minds. Their bravery and sacrifice grant us the security and freedom we enjoy daily, and with November 11, Veterans day, fast approaching, now is a great time to refresh your knowledge of VA loans and possibly even expand into a new niche market. Here are 5 things you may not know about VA loans. Continue reading

Neighborhoods as a Niche; The Mr. Rogers Way of Life

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In addition to having the most impressive sweater collection ever, Mr. Rogers got a few other things right. He was nice to everyone, he taught kids valuable lessons, and he loved his neighborhood. The lesson that is most important for real estate agents is to know your neighborhood.

Mr. Rogers was friends with his postman and often took trips to various businesses and people’s homes in his neighborhood. Yes, I am aware that all of that was fairly easy because the “Neighborhood of Make-Believe” wasn’t the only place created specifically for the show. Still, we could take these ideas to heart. While the actual property is the main focus for buyers, sellers, and agents alike, the area that surrounds it plays a big role for the buyer and should for the agent. According to the 2009 NAR Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers, 64% of all home buyers listed quality of neighborhood as a major factor in home choice. Continue reading