Come Here Often? Terrible Opening Lines to Avoid When Picking up Leads

How’s your conversion rate for new leads? Are they answering your emails? If not, you may be going about things the wrong way. There’s a right way and a wrong way (actually, a lot of wrong ways) to start an email to a new lead if you want them to get back in touch with you. Find examples and tips below! Continue reading

Social Media Techniques to Win Referrals and Repeat Business

There are many ways to stay in touch with your database, such as newsletters, text messages, posting fresh online content, and phone calls. Another option is social media outreach. These days, people who aren’t active on at least one social site are rare. Make it a habit to friend or follow your clients on their preferred social site. Once you do, you will have instant access to important goings-on in their lives as well as an easy way to get in touch with them any time. Continue reading

5 Reasons Not to Start a Newsletter in 2018

HDC_Why_Start_Newsletter_2951_1200x600_2Sometime in the last month or two, while you were thinking of ways to improve and increase your business in the new year, you probably gave some thought to finally starting a newsletter in 2018. You weighed the time and effort it would take to create a newsletter against the benefits you would receive, then made your decision accordingly.

The good news is, if you decided to start a newsletter, can help! We are now offering a free monthly newsletter through the lead management system, which you can send out to any and all of your contacts. However, if you decided the time and effort were not worth the benefits, we want to apologize for taking away your excuse. To make it up to you, we’ve come up with five new reasons not to start a newsletter in 2018. Continue reading