Releases One-of-a-Kind Social Media Marketing Solution

Eighty-three percent of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business (Hubspot). Real estate professionals trying to keep up with the perpetually evolving world of social media now have a tool that will make branding a whole lot easier – Homes Social! This comprehensive social marketing suite was designed to help agents and brokers manage their brand online, engage with more prospects, protect your online reputation, control the conversation and drive leads. Continue reading

Recruiting Top Talent in 2014 Recruiting Top Talent in 2014

Sixty five percent of brokers say that recruiting top talent is the most crucial business challenge they face today (Imprev thought survey).  Having a team of well connected agents with a strong online presence and local following should be a key consideration this year for brokers. It’s a good bet that if buyers and sellers are flocking to them, you should be too. So in the same manner that a homebuyer searches online for a real estate pro to represent them via reviews sites, recommendations from their peers on Facebook and otherwise, brokers should be following suit. Let’s explore some ways in which you can nab the top agents and why their social marketing talents can build your empire . Continue reading

Don’t Miss These 6 Steps When Building Your Online Reputation

Today’s tech savvy consumer spends a lot of time online reading reviews, referencing social media and looking through countless websites before making a purchase decision. Since buying a home is one of the largest financial investments a consumer can make, you can bet they are doing extensive research to find the right person to help them through the home buying process. Are you confident in what they are finding about your business?

Building a positive online reputation for your brand should be top priority if you are serious about growing your business. Highly recognized brands like Target and Starbucks have spent millions, if not billions, of dollars growing their brand online. While it’s unlikely you will ever need this amount of money to market your real estate business, it just goes to show how important your online image is. Continue reading

[eBook] Maximizing Your Online Reputation: A Playbook for Engaging with Consumers and Winning Their Business

Maximize your Online ReputationAre you making a strong first impression with homebuyers and sellers?  Are clients recommending you by word of mouth and word of mouse?  That’s right – word of mouse  –  recommendations, ratings and conversations about your brand’s reputation that take place online. And, the majority of consumers are selecting products and services based on a brand’s visibility and credibility online Take advantage of this opportunity to capture their attention, engage with them and convert them into customers.  Learn how by downloading this helpful guide, Maximizing Your Online Reputation: A Playbook for Engaging with Consumers and Winning Their Business.

As we pointed out in a recent blog, Brokers and Agents should be building their business  – it is crucial to get listed in business directories and interact with consumers through social media. Take a page out of this marketing playbook to enhance your brand’s performance online and get the play by play by on what it is, where to do it and how to maintain a winning Online Reputation to grow your business.  Download here!  Share it with your networks in other industries as this was written for all businesses – large and small, new and old.

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