10 Showing and Open House Tips to Ward Off Mischief

HDC-Saftey-Tips-Blog-2597Have you ever been locking up after an open house and felt a chill run down your spine? Perhaps you wondered if one of your guests had less than honest intentions. Maybe you simply felt that something was off. Trouble is the last thing you want at an open house or showing, so we’ve compiled the following tips to prevent it from ever appearing. Continue reading

Freshen Up Your Marketing Material for the New Year!

The new year is a great time to give your marketing materials a fresh new look with eye-catching graphics that will grab buyers’ attention. Doing this is easy with the striking designs available in the Imprev Marketing Center located in your Homes Connect Dashboard. Choose from a variety of materials like flyers, postcards, doorhangers, brochures, and others.  All of them are set up in user-friendly templates to create a professional, sophisticated appearance that will really highlight you and properties and generate more business for you!  See our examples below to get an idea of some of the design templates and which pieces would serve you best. Continue reading

Celebrate America’s Birthday with Party Ideas & Recipes From Homes.com

Homes.com is your partner in everything real estate, so naturally we want to assist you in building long lasting relationships and succeed. Now that 4th of July is upon us, new homeowners are probably looking for ways to show off their new home by entertaining guests and celebrating America!  In addition to helping your clients, you may also need some inspiration or ideas to showcase their home at an open house. No need to worry because Homes.com has you covered! Our idea gallery is chock full of resources for homebuyers and sellers  from home improvement videos, moving tips, to summer recipes, décor and party ideas that you can also use when staging your listings modern kitchen, open floor plans and sprawling outdoor area

Summer Entertaining Headquarters:

First of all, let’s begin with the crown jewel of summer entertaining resources, the customizable Red, White, and BBQ guide. This is your ultimate guide to all things summer and is perfect for celebrating America’s birthday! Perfect for having an innovative open house with on-trend side dishes, entrees, desserts, wine pairings, unique drinks, decorations and party themes. Download it and brand it with your contact info and feel free to share it at open houses or send to clients for their own use. Continue reading

Springtime Staging Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

The buying market is competitive and with that comes first impressions. Real estate pros can make a solid first impression with fresh staging techniques for open houses, showings and those ever important property photos and videos (i.e. a picture says a thousand words).

Successful staging can make the difference between a property that moves off the market quickly or one that extends past your listing agreement and gets in another agent’s hands. Homes.com also knows that while staging isn’t the only factor that sells a home, these staging “Do’s and Don’ts” could help or harm the sale of the home.

Spring Staging DO’s and DON’Ts:

1. DO NOT cover up any structural problems or areas that need repair. DO encourage the seller to take care of these items as soon as possible. If these issues remain “as is” for the sale, be open about it and don’t brush it under a colorful rug (pun intended). This is misleading and in many states this could be seen as fraud and misrepresentation.

2. DO NOT decorate to your own personal style.

DO stick with simple ideas. Look at magazines and use Pinterest as a guide even, because you want each buyer to see that living room or kitchen with their personality.  If they are overwhelmed with the seller’s style, imagining themselves in the home will be a struggle. Stay simple, avoid eclectic furniture, faux finishes and minimize personal photos as well.

3. DO NOT forget about the unseen areas. DO remember to stage closets, kitchen storage, pantries, even the garage if you can. Buyers want to see these areas to evaluate how they will put them to use and that cannot be done when they are stuffed with clutter. Some of these areas can be difficult to de-clutter especially when you have a family living on site, so discuss the reasons behind this and offer your help. A referred agent is one that goes above and beyond – be the agent that helped your clients stage their closets and other storage areas. 

4. DO NOT give the impression that some of the staging items convey with the property. For instance, you change the porch light to something more savvy or placed bamboo shades in a home that will be sold with bare windows. DO tell the buyers what items do and do not convey with the home. This will avoid confusion at closing and serve as great conversation pieces as you interact with buyers during the property tour.

5. DO NOT let driveway cracks and oil spots remain. DO attempt to fix these areas as they make the property look unpolished and could potentially be a safety hazard. An oil mark can really hold your attention regardless of the beauty of the home so be sure not to track dirt or oil through the home as it could also appear in property photos.

Share your successful staging tips and experiences on our Facebook page!  We hope these tips guide your spring staging objectives and support your potential buyers in imagining themselves in your listings this spring!