Share this Tailgate Guide for Super Bowl XLVII with Your Clients! created this Tailgate Fever Guide a few months ago, but if you missed it or want to use it again, talk about perfect timing! Super Bowl XLVII is right around the corner. The Baltimore Ravens will take on the San Francisco Forty-Niners on February 3rd in New Orleans!

What better time to use it than the biggest NFL game of the year? You could even print branded versions out at your open houses over the next few days and give your new leads a little something to take away and remember you by. They’d visit an open house to see a potential property to call home, meet you, a fantastic real estate agent, and leave with a great way to entertain their guests. If your game plan is to be remembered, this guide is a TOUCHDOWN!

Whether your clients are rooting for the Ravens or the Forty-Niners, we are sure they would appreciate a branded version of ways to entertain their guests in their new home. We have included tons of ideas for big entertainment especially within football season. All that’s missing is your branding.

That’s right — you can add your own personal real estate business’s branding so that whomever receives the guide will remember YOU! We provide all the great recipes, kid treats, “pre- game” games, and party theme ideas. You provide your branding. Together, it’s a game-winning combination.

You can also direct your clients and prospects to our consumer blog designed especially for them. There, they’ll find more tips and recipes for the big game.

5 Simple Steps to Making the Best Real Estate Videos

Real estate professionals know how important video has become to the industry.There are millions of video tours on Youtube today and video blogs have become all the rage for top real estate pros. The problem with many real estate videos is that the quality can be poor. Just because you are taking an amateur video doesn’t mean it has to look like an amateur video.


Here are five simple steps to making great real estate videos with your smartphone: 


  1. Step 1: Record Horizontally – Recording horizontally gives you a wider view.  Conversely, when recording in a vertical position, you’re only recording part of the image.  This looks okay if the video is viewed from a smartphone, but since most real estate videos also make it to YouTube and other websites, vertically recorded videos do not present as well as horizontal views.
  2. Step 2: Tripod and Tripod Attachments – There’s nothing worse than seeing a real estate video that is shaky or that moves around a lot. This can make people dizzy and it’s a huge turn-off for viewers. There’s a simple fix for this: use a tripod. Tripods are built for regular cameras, but there are low-cost adaptors available. Joby sells a great all-in-one tripod for smartphones called Gorillamobile for $40. There are other options for tripods as well. For adaptor and brackets, photo retailer Adorama has a $10 product called the Heavy Duty L-Bracket, that attaches to your tripod and holds your phone in place. Studio Neat Glif is available for $20, and does the same thing as Adorama’s product. These sites also have iPad options. Other websites to check out are and
  3. Step 3: Sound – The microphones that are built into smartphones aren’t usually studio quality. The easiest way to fix this is to get a microphone that plugs directly into your smartphone. There are many options, ranging from very reasonable to quite expensive. One of best entry-level options is a lavalier mic from RadioShack that plugs directly into your phone. You simply clip the mic onto your shirt or lapel and you now have a much better sound to your program. Other options are audio recorders and mic cables. You can compare products and pricing at Whatever you decide on, a microphone is a must for good video quality.
  4. Step 4: Apps – Recording the video is one thing, but developing it into a nice production is another thing. There are many apps out there for Apple and Android devices, but here are my favorites: iMovie (iPhone) and Clesh Video (Android): These apps are great for piecing together movie clips, editing, and importing music from your library to create great video. You can also easily post your video to Facebook and YouTube from these apps. Both are $4.99.  Filmic pro: This app enables you to tweak exposure while shooting video. It’s $3.99 and available on both iPhones and Androids.
  5. Step 5: Accessories – You’ve bought the apps, the tripod, and the microphones, and now you’re ready to create great video. Is there anything else that you might need? Accessories can help a lot! This includes everything from specialty lenses to professional production equipment. Here are some of my favorites:
      • Lenses: The Olloclip lens add-on is the most popular. It slips right over your iPhone and gives you fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro views. It costs about $70 for all three. Check Amazon for pricing and other lens options. Another great site that specializes in real estate video equipment is
      • Hollywood zip lines: These devices are used by Hollywood studios, but now there’s one available for iPhone. This is a zip line that attaches to your phone and allows you to walk with your camera seamlessly without shaking extra movement. It stays in a straight line. Tiffen makes one for regular cameras for $700, but has also developed one for iPhone for $149. Great for video tours!

Creating great quality video tours and video blogs doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to hire a professional crew to do this work for you. All you need is the right equipment. These five simple steps should enable you to record high quality video for a very reasonable price.

Existing-Home Sales Are On the Rise Month Over Month, Year Over Year

Good news! According to the National Association of Realtors, the housing market is definitely recovering. In April, existing-home sales rose and remain above where they were a year ago! NAR also states that the improvements in sales and prices spanned across all regions.

Existing-home sales are defined as completed transactions that include single-family homes, town houses, condos, and co-ops. According to NAR, existing-home sales hit 4.62 million in April. That’s almost a 3 and a half percent increase from the previous month, and a whopping 10 percent jump up from a year ago!

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10 Lucky Charms for Pinterest Real Estate Users - Pinterest - Real EstatePinterest is the latest fun and exciting way to share images and promote your business creatively online. Rumor has it you make your own luck – well, if you can here’s is how you can do it with Pinterest and your business. Be sure you read the blog about how to get started on Pinterest. With all this pinning, liking, repinning and other Pinterest secret language; take the time to review the basics. It’s fun, we promise. Probably too much fun for business which makes it perfect for reaching new clients. As an agent or real estate professional, any business for that matter you want to make money. The overall goal of course is revenue, but without exposure and unique tactics, and staying up to date with consumers you will be presented with quite the challenge. Pinterest can expose your properties, your skills and tactics and keep you informed with what your consumers are interested in. Ok – we have it all the right points, so now what? Continue reading