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Homes Connect is your one stop shop for the marketing tools you need for every day real estate lead follow up and client management including social prospecting, and brand advertising. Saving time by logging in one place could be your favorite thing about this product besides the unique functions offered!

This week we are featuring the Design Center to save you time. The Design Center is one of many functions available in the Homes Connect Dashboard and we will continue to guide you with detailed instructions of certain areas within the dashboard. Continue reading

How to Market a Haunted House

A haunted house is fun to visit, but have you thought about living in one? That’s a question a real estate agent who represents sellers of a haunted house need to factor into their marketing strategy. To successfully market and sell a haunted house consider implementing these few tips:

Hire someone to “clear” the space. If you’ve done your due diligence to search the home for any unusual sounds or behavior and still haven’t found a rational explanation then it may be time to hire someone to check out the space.  According to, a “space clearer” is someone who communicates with those from the other side who can help ask any “rent-free visitors,” to please move it along.

Haunted Grimm House of Old Town

Put the word out. Continue reading

Halloween Marketing Ideas for Agents

When I worked at a local real estate firm one of the main things all “seasoned” agents recommended was to have a 12 month marketing plan implemented. One of the biggest obstacles real estate professionals have is to differentiate themselves from the competition; having a strong marketing strategy helps. Have you thought about how you are marketing yourself during the holiday season? Most agents hit the Christmas season hard with mailers, informational brochures, gifts, etc. but what about Halloween? This is a perfect time to separate yourself from other real estate professionals by marketing to them early!

Here are a few Halloween marketing ideas for agents: Continue reading

Stirring Positive Emotions At Your Next Open House

As you’re working with home sellers in this market, it’s important to help them understand the need to differentiate their home from competitors. As you may well know, open houses are considered “the norm” when selling a home; however, open houses provide a perfect opportunity to show active home buyers specific features that make it stand out.

When taking your open house to the next level, think of the emotions associated with purchasing a home. Home buyers will typically connect with a home based on the feeling they get with it. So, convey a certain type of atmosphere in order to get buyers to yearn for the home. You can accomplish this through a variety of ways.

Here are some ideas you can discuss with your sellers:

<img class="alignleft" style="padding: 10px" Emotion Color Wheel

1. Emotion: Joy. You can really bring in happiness and joy to the home by showcasing life & energy. You want a buyer to envision themselves living in this home; therefore, provide a positive sentiment.


2. Emotion: Surprise. Amaze a home buyer by highlighting focal points. If the home has an amazing feature, such as a gourmet kitchen, then showcase that kitchen by having delicious food served inside of it. Or if you have an incredible deck, throw a barbeque.  Continue reading

April Showers

showers You’ve probably heard the expression “April showers bring May flowers,” and if you have, chances are April is a rainy season where you live. Rain is a wonderful thing. It feeds the plants, waters our gardens, replenishes the ecosystem and makes ducks really happy.

However, rain can also be a major inconvenience, especially when you are showing a home or holding an open house. Here are a few things to remember during this rainy spring season: Continue reading