The Best Kept Secret in Social Media Advertising

HDC_Pinterest_Blog_2787_1200x600In the current world of social media, Pinterest doesn’t seem to get the recognition it should. While it’s one of the most well-known social networks, Pinterest only has 150 million monthly active users compared to Facebook’s 1.96 billion and Instagram’s 600 million. So, how is it that Pinterest is so far behind on monthly active users, but is still leading other social networks in organic and inorganic reach, as well as cost-per-click (CPC)?

Even if you’re an active Pinterest user, you have probably never noticed the promoted pins before. This is because Pinterest has designed their Promoted Pins to look like regular, organic pins; however, promoted pins have more capabilities. By utilizing Pinterest’s Promoted Pins you can create huge opportunities to drive sales and leads to your real estate business. Continue reading

Social Media for Real Estate: 5 Steps to a Winning Strategy

HDC_Social_Strategy_Blog_2737_1200x600If you…

are a real estate agent, not a social media expert;

want to use social media, but aren’t sure where to start;

want to get more leads and conversions from your existing social networks,

then this article is for you.

Here you’ll find out how to create or revamp your real estate social media strategy to reach new prospects, build your brand, connect with clients, and win more leads and referrals.

Creating a social media strategy for real estate doesn’t have to be hard. These five tips will help ensure it isn’t. All you need to do is:

  1. Prepare.
  2. Establish a content strategy.
  3. Build your brand.
  4. Track and measure results.
  5. Refine your strategy.

And we’re here to show you how. Continue reading

How to Increase Engagement and Drive More Traffic with Pinterest

In the last Pinterest article, we helped you decide if this visually pleasing social network is right for your business. Since it’s one of the fastest growing and most visited sites on the Internet, you’ve probably realized that it can help with audience engagement. In fact, Pinterest is retaining and engaging with users as much as two to three times more efficiently than Twitter was at a similar time in history (Hubspot).

“Pinning” images is the key to success with Pinterest; if you are not pinning interesting content, then it’s unlikely you will ever benefit from using this social network. This doesn’t mean to pin everything you see – it’s important to create boards that people will want to follow by including content that appeals to them. Continue reading